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Version 2-2023

  • The way of displaying the variables has been modified in the case of the type is color in the filter, as all templates must process the logo size when sharing.
  • The ability to display the discount notice has been modified in the event that there are variables that have a discount, and displaying the subtitle within the grids on the image.
  • The ability to appear the advertisements has been modified if there is only one ad and shows it in the first template.
  • The percentage and value of the discount will not appear in the subtitle if it is zero.
  • The problem of appearing the product`s name in a non-Arabic language if it contains a comma has been solved, as the product details were not shown on the product page.
  • A timer for the end of the show has been added.
  • The logo of the new store has been replaced on the website with appearing notifications of the orders in the user interface.
  • The file in French language has been added to the control panel of the store.
  • The problem that appeared in the case of changing the status of the order from the external screen, not from the details of the order has been solved, where the alert was appeared with the previous status of the order, not the status that subjected to change.

Version 3-2023

  • The problem of appearing the notifications of orders in the user interface has been solved.
  • The style of subscribing to the mailing newsletter has been modified.
  • The subscription package has been modified, as well as the languages have been added
  • Ability to modify, add or cancel the payment methods.
  • The Turkish translation file has been replaced in the control panel of the store.
  • The problem that was appearing if activating only the default language on the website has been solved, as the products, advertisements, and footer did not appear in the product.
  • Working on the side menu in the control panel when setting the default language in Turkish has been processed, as deactivating the rest of the languages.
  • Ability to save an email in store`s data in non-defined formats.
  • Duplicate product meta tags title has been processed. 

Version 4-2023

  •  Various template designs have been updated and modified.
  • The main categories are divided into pages when viewing them.
  • The error when adding an address during order confirmation has been solved.
  • The information of street, neighborhood, unit number, and county has been added to the shipping address information and when registering a new account. 
  • The GetButton messaging service has been added.
  • The error when showing the date of modifying the orders has been solved.
  • The error of changing the inventory quantity when choosing not affecting the inventory quantity has been solved.
  • The product quantity has been modified according to the warehouse.
  • The design of the forgotten password page has been updated.
  • A new store design template has been added.
  • The error when displaying the page path has been solved.
  • The design of the Subscriptions page has been updated.
  • New sections have been added to the control panel: Our partner's list - Mobile app list - Subscription management moved to the main list.
  • The colors in the control panel templates have been modified

Version 5-2023

  • Displaying the quantity has been modified when there are variants in the product.
  • The Dark mode (Night mode) has been added.
  • An option of filtering on clients by groups has been added.
  • The statuses and reasons of return have been moved to the settings of store. 
  • An email template in both English and French languages has been added in order to send the application`s details in case it was the selected language is not Arabic.
  • Ability to Log In via email or username.
  • The setting of the tax number and the commercial register have been added to the data of store.
  • Tags have been added to the orders.
  • The date of renewal and the number of remaining days have been added in the subscription within the Subscription Management Section.
  • There is an option to block a customer.

Version 7 -2021

  • The number of departments and products belonging to the group has been added.
  • The evaluation has been added to the filtering.
  • The option of (Filter price) has been modified. 
  • A new color has been added within the Customize Template to the color of social media icons.
  • A picture had been added to the tax, and authorization picture 2 has been added within the settings.
  • The option of (Number of products) has been added to the coupons in order to activate the coupon.
  • Show the address of additional warehouses and modify the display of warehouses.
  • The design of the electronic invoice has been added to the Saudi tax.
  • An option to print the shipping invoice without prices has been added.
  • The report of total orders has been added.
  • The brands with design have been canceled and adopted the brands in the index.
  • Connecting the electronic invoice store with Constant Contracture to send emails related to the mail newsletter.

Version 6 -2021

  • Show a tag on products that have offers and variants.
  • The date of birth of the customer has been added to the customer`s page in the admin and the front.
  • A direct link has been added add to the product preview image.
  • The orders report by-product has been added.
  • The discount code field has been added to the Vertex website.
  • The highest and lowest price of product variants has been shown if the variants have different prices.
  • The option (Select the time and date of order) has been added, in order to specify by the customer.
  • The option of (Filter) has been added to show active and inactive customers.

Version 8 -2021

  •  The products have been linked with social media, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • The store has been linked with (Google Verification) and (Facebook Pixel) in the Settings menu (Linking Services).
  • The store has been linked with "Google Analytics" in the Settings menu "Linking Services".
  • The best-selling network has been added.
  • Force the user to add an attachment when using the bank account as a method of payment.
  • An attachment has been added to the product card to appear in the store.
  • The virtual language has been determined in the store.
  • Operation of the store on a later: .com .Net .org
  • The option to show the filter bar has been added to the storage options.
  • The method of displaying the filter has been modified and adding products within the products.
  • The address of the introductory page has been added within the Link of the customer page after entering it.
  • A mechanism has been added for not inserting certain codes into the product name.
  • The network stocks have been transferred, in addition, to display (All) in design No. 1 on mobile.
  • The shipping details have been shown before payment details when completing the order to show the value of the invoice after shipment.
  • Creating an application named (Sitemap.xml) to store and generate the latest links of the store`s pages to index them by Google.
  • Links have been added to the website when searching for it in Google.
  • The subscription to the mail newsletter has been added on the Front page constantly with all designs.
  • Show variables for products on the main page and choose them without entering the products.
  • Multiple options have been added for collective modification to the products.
  • An option has been added to networks in order to select the method of displaying the network.
  • An option to add an image within the payment methods with showing the default image has been added.
  • The report on product movement by customers has been added.
  • The order reports by departments have been added.
  • A new design for the tax invoice has been added.
  • The QR-Code has been added to the invoice.
  • The shipping details do not appear in processing the request, and the quantity is not affected when the product type is (donation, charity, digital product, or subscription).
  • The parameters have been added to email templates.
  • View the amount of the product in the warehouses on the product page in the front.

New Additions and Features

 In pursuit of the team of Vertex Cart Store to achieve continuous success and excellence, we are pleased to inform you about the new additions and features that have been made to the store in order to enable our valued customers to use the store correctly, and with the greatest possible benefit.

Version 01-2023

  • The colors of the chart have been changed | The used library.
  • The French language file has been added to the control panel of the store.
  • Spacing has been added in the privacy policy header in the control panel.
  • The package specifications have been shown on the control panel in the English language. 
  • The description has been added to the package in the control panel.
  • A timer has been added for the end of the display. 
  • The number of characters in the promotional title is limited to 20 characters.
  • A new store logo has been replaced on the website.
  • The newsletter subscription style has been modified.

Version 11-2021

  • Knowing the source of the order (mobile, computer, application) for the customer within the orders, with adding an option to filter the source of the order.
  • The tags have been made under the Cart button and the note is above the Cart button on the product card in all designs.
  • There are modifications to display the Google Play and Apple Store icons and license images on mobile with all designs.
  • The display of products has been accelerated if they contain a large number of variables.
  • Show the tax of products that contain variables and their price is unified before entering the product. 
  • Linking with the Tap payment company.
  • The meta-pages have been added.|Slug.
  • Adding the status of the language to the languages page, whether it was effective or not, with keeping the default language as active.
  • When importing products with variables from an Excel file, the departments do not come with a check mark, and they appear in the main departments and the department's bar.
  • Linking with Google Merchant Center.
  • Linking with Google Tag Manager.
  • There is an option to add gender and ban customers in customer cards.
  • A feature to link with WhatsApp has been added.
  • A confirmation message has been added before completing the order in the Cart.
  • A tax-exempt option has been added under the product card.
  • The variables and the defined specifications have been added to the filter by admin products.
  • The ability to arrange images for segments and Ads in the products and Ads network | Admin.
  • An option has been added to store options to hide and show the option to display warehouses.
  • The links to LinkedIn & TikTok have been added to social media.
  • Detailed alert notifications.
  • The commercial register of the establishment has been added and shows it before the tax number.
  • A text editor has been added to the ad.
  • The link to the YouTube video has been added to the product.
  • The field of a subtitle has been added to a product card in order to appear under the product name in the store.
  • Review product orders and export product orders.
  • The report of net sales summary by period has been added.
  • A complaint form has been added.
  • Alert settings have been added to the My Account page for the user.
  • A promotional title has been added.

Version 09-2021

  •  The display method of the date has been modified in the reports by adding the ready filters.   
  • The orders that are awaiting payment have been added to my account page.
  • Show the number of customers of each group on the customer groups list.
  • View the variable type in the variable list.
  • The design of the value-added invoice has been modified. 
  • Processing the tag related to the product, as when pressing a specific tag for one of the products, all common products are shown by the same tag.  
  • Add the type of variable: A text or color text in the variables card.
  • Show the note at the product level within the Front, within the inspection of the Cart, and within the addicts in the orders.

Version 6-2023

  • The header has been installed in the mobile display.
  • A space has been added between the advertisement under the sections and the added products in Arabic.
  • The appearance of the commercial register and payment methods have been modified on the same line within the footer. 
  • Show branches of the store. 
  • The customer is prevented from purchasing products if she / her is blocked
  • A ban message appears for the blocked client.
  • The image of product is enlarged when hovering the mouse over it in the product card.

Version 7-2023

    • An OTP Authentication service has been added via email and phone number.
    • The image scaling has been fixed in the product card.
    • The report on coupons has been added.
    • The error in the background of images has been solved if the images are transparent.
    • The error of the date filter in the reports has been solved.

Version 8-2023

  • The cart preview has been redesigned.
  •  The way of warehouse display has been changed.
  • Login interfaces have been updated.
  • The style of sales and customer reports has been updated.
  • The main interface style has been updated.

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