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The failure of emerging e-stores has become a common thing. With the general trend that investors and entrepreneurs have taken to invest through digital marketing and electronic stores, many of them had to fall into some mistakes, obstacles and even wrong decisions. In their first years, out of every 10 websites, 8 websites fail in completion of the road, there are many reasons, but there are common points in the projects that could not be completed, despite the strong vision and good knowledge of the market.
In this article, we will learn about the most important reasons why emerging websites fail and we will offer some tips to help new website builders to avoid these mistakes.
1- Selling the wrong product:


One of the reasons for failure of major e-commerce websites is selling a product that people don't want, here you are in a difficult situation at the beginning of your journey in the world of e-commerce.
Before starting, you must determine well what product or products you will sell on your website and is the segment you target is really interested in this product?
In this regard, take advice from Thomas Edison - by the way - he is not only an inventor, but also a very successful businessman in marketing and selling his inventions. 
Among the inventions he regretted was the electronic voting device. What is his story?
Edison noted the time that the state takes to count the votes cast on paper. He decided to create an electronic voting device, which is a counter in which the voter presses the name of his / her candidate once, and at the end of the day the competent committee knows the number of votes by looking only at the last number that appears on the counter screen. Despite the splendor and simplicity of the invention, the government did not care about it, and Edison regretted his invention, and said a saying that is a lesson to all sellers through the ages: “I will not invent something that people do not need.”
Likewise, don't bother selling something people don't need. Find a need for a specific segment of the audience and find a product that meets that need.
If you do this well, you have succeeded. If you can't find it, you can simply sell other people's products, or even copy their ideas and use them in the same market.
Example: The market is now teeming with different brands of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, Fila, Skechers, and other little-known brands). The market accommodates everyone to enter the world of selling sports shoes.
2- Pricing:
While real-world competitor pricing is somewhat difficult (it takes the customer to walk around a bit among different stores, and go undercover to see these prices), this is one of the easiest things to do on the web. so it is enough to know that there is a website that scours the web with a click of a button to fetch all the different prices from different stores related to the item you want to buy. It's different on the web my careful.
Do a good research on all of your competitors' different websites before you start setting your prices, and before you talk.
We have all seen websites that make millions even though their website does not have a strong and attractive design but these people succeed when they offer the best prices, and of course these websites would be better if they had a better design and a solid marketing strategy, but the idea is that lower prices will attract customers, because the price from The most important principles that your customer thinks about.

3- Lack of a solid marketing plan:


One of the main reasons for the failure of emerging online stores is “to plan without any plan”! If you do not have a marketing plan and do not know where you are currently or where you will go, how the customer will know you?
Some mentalities object to the principle of planning in the first place, claiming that no plan is executed. This is correct. Indeed, there is no plan that is implemented exactly as it was laid down, it is either exceeding the expected (wow) or behind the plan (relative failure), and this is very normal, and everyone who talked about planning - even Kotler himself - mentioned the importance of flexibility, ability to modify the plan according to circumstances, challenges, developments and other developments in the course of work.
That is, planning is mandatory for the success of any project. Of course, the online store and its marketing plan, are no exception to this rule.
Draw your marketing map, define the sources which you will market your products and your e-commerce website, and specify the resources and the amount that you will pay in the marketing campaigns. You may not find strong results from the first time, but you have to keep working to reap the fruits of your financing marketing channels in order to spread your website and launch widely among customers.
4- Lack of ranking for your e-commerce website on search engines

It should your plan to adjust search engines or what is known as Search Engine Optimizations /SEO
The main idea of this step is to be at the top of the search results when internet users are searching for a word related to your business, and this step is one of the most important steps that will lead to increasing your sales and increasing your website's popularity.
The owners of online store prefer to speed up the earning, and then resort to Paid Ads to get quick results. However, 35% of users still use Google to search for products they want to buy. This means that not caring about appearing in Google search results means losing about a third of your revenue.
Optimizing your products for search engines starting from the descriptive content of these products, taking care of the heading and sub-once, and expressing the product in simple terms that describe the benefits, not just the features, in a way that allows the customer to relate to the product by knowing the value he / she will get from this product.
To get the best search engine optimization results, be sure to add the keyword in:
Main Title 
Sub-heading 2, 3, and 4
Highlight the product`s name by making it Bold/ Italic / Underlined.
Put the product`s name in the image description and Alt Text.
This is considered one of the basics of the internal configuration of the product On-Page SEO and the SEO administrator will take care of the rest of the task by making an external configuration for it Off-Page SEO.
5- Design your online store:


The design of your website, the consistency of its colors and everything is in its right place, all that comfort the visitor, as this is will distinguish your website and make the visitor take more time to browse within your online store.
When it comes to designing an online store, you should factor in visual appeal and follow the 15-second rule that you only have a quarter of a minute to grab a visitor's attention on your website. If those seconds pass without feeling any connection with you, you will most likely lose the customer forever.
Treat it like you would your real store: What visual attractions would you put in the real store to get the customer's attention? The same goes for designing an online store.
It is not only a matter of colors, but also of the trust that the website provides to the user. For example, to activate SSL on your website, to put the logos of the security certificates that you have obtained as proof of the level of security of your site, such as the McAfee certificate, and the ISO for example.
And here there is a very important question that can greatly affect your sales levels, which is, does your website work well on mobile? Does your online store provide a good visitor experience that makes them feel comfortable?
You should work hard to make the site design feel comfortable for the visitor and for the website to work well on computers and mobile devices.
6- Bad Content:

It is necessary to appear with the content of your website in the search engine, and the urgent need to write content is primarily for the purpose of appearing in search engines, but if this content turns into a means to achieve the good - the satisfaction of visitors and Google - the deal will certainly become a win-win for all parties.
Therefore, providing poor content directly means that it is one of the reasons for the failure of emerging online stores.
Have you heard of the term SEO Copywriting? It is the art of writing content compatible with search engines and at the same time loved by the visitor. This is what can be classified as good content. 
When the visitors feel that you are trying to teach them, increase their experience, benefit them, they will feel more belonging to you and your brand, and you will be the first choice for them when they decides to buy from the products that are offered. Bad, useless content that is filled with words that do not interest the visitor is only a reason to alienate visitors from you.
The good content of your website is what will speed up the purchase decision of the visitors, show for them all the details of the products in an attractive way and use phrases that are easy for them to understand or words that your customers use constantly in their language and dialect, you have a wonderful product but you did not give it the right to show off, so that has advantages of your product will never reach the customers.
7- Products Pictures:
The natural image of your product makes the customers trust you well and knows all aspects of the actual product and motivates them to the purchase process.
The image should be clear and expressive of the product, from different angles. If the product is multi-piece, the pieces are photographed contiguously and individually. If it is used personally - such as a mobile headset - it is preferable to display it while it is in use. If it is a book, it is desirable to have some pictures from the inside pages of the book. All these details in the pictures greatly influence the customer to make a purchase decision easily.
Here are some tips that you should follow when photographing:
Make sure all photos are the same size.
Take pictures from different angles.
Use an attractive background.
Highlight your product.
Indicate the data of each product next to it.
If the product you are promoting is difficult to use, you can shoot a video explaining how to use it.
8- Lack of interaction from visitors and customers:

Sometimes one of the big problems that leads to the failure of many e-commerce websites is the lack of evaluations from previous customers and the failure of visitors to put products from your website in shopping carts, and this can happen for several reasons, including their unwillingness to buy. 
There are factors that can solve them such as:
They don't know all the details of the product.
Unclear how to buy.
9- Additional Policies and Expenses:

There are simple things that an e-commerce website owner may consider unimportant, but that greatly and negatively affect the purchase decision, such as:
Shipping fees:
In many cases, the shipping price is close to the price of the product, and in this case the customer becomes reluctant to buy your products, and gradually moves away from your website completely.
Replacement Policies:
60% of customers and visitors to e-commerce websites check this policy before completing the purchase and for various reasons there is a desire to replace or return the product, you must establish strong and flexible policies at the same time and with a clear formulation, so that your customer has all the data and information before completing the purchase process.
10- No customer service: 
No matter the size of your business or company, without customer service working to answer customer questions and knowing what they need, you will not build a good relationship with your customer at all, and the customer will go to one of your competitors. If there is a problem about one of the products and the customers does not find a way to solve it, they can resort to writing and publishing what happened on social media and talking badly about you.
11- Bad organization of your e-commerce website:


You have to avoid this matter, and work on designing the sections of your products according to clear criteria, and avoiding making all products together without division them, in order to make the visitors know well where they are in your website and give them a feeling that everything is easy, comfortable and fast.
You should avoid making such lapses and we have shown you how to avoid them.
Always try to get the best possible result for your e-commerce site.
12- Offer exceptional value:

Don't make the consumer look at you rigid, devoid of emotions. There is a hidden value behind every entity that serves the society, even if it is simple. At the end of some Hollywood films, it was noted that this work created 13,000 jobs for young people.
In one food product, it was noted on the back that 5% of the value of each item sold is allocated to orphanages.
Why do we go far away? al-Baik Restaurant in Saudi Arabia, its owner Ihsan Abu Ghazaleh allocates one Riyal for each meal sold for the soul of their father - the founder of the restaurant. And you can imagine the size of the crowd at al-Baik restaurant at all times of the year.
We don't have to learn success from success stories. Sometimes failure performs this role more efficiently than success. Therefore, know the reasons for the failure of famous e-stores, and avoid them in your store so that you can withstand the challenges that will meet you. The reasons for the failure of emerging online stores may be many and more than what we mentioned and be sure not to fall into them to achieve success in the end.

The world is waiting for your wonderful products. Enjoy a free trial and create a stunning and professional online store now!