How to choose the marketing objective of commercial projects

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Marketing objectives differ from one project to another, and they are not fixed, whether in one project or several projects. The marketing plan is characterized by flexibility and modifiability according to changes, circumstances and the nature of the labor market.
It is necessary to know what marketing goals your business or project needs, so that you can focus your efforts to achieve your current marketing goal to develop your business, so we will explain the types of marketing goals that suit business projects.
Marketing Objective: Brand awareness suitable for launching commercial projects:
The marketing objective is based on brand awareness if your business is in its infancy or your company is emerging. So, when the customers are knowing about your brand and your company's activity in many situations, their level of awareness of your company will be greater. 
Business owners should work to build brand awareness when launching a project or new products and services from the company.
The degree of customer familiarity with your products and message is not limited to people getting to know your logo, but it also is about the importance of knowing your customers and target people about your brand that what you gives to its audience. Creating awareness of this, it needs a relatively long period of time and different marketing strategies that used to achieve it, which helps to promote your business and increase your customers.
Awareness of your brand can be increased by preparing attractive and influential content that can be published on the company’s accounts on social media to increase reaching your products to a large number of customers, so promoting in a very practical way with low cost.
Marketing objective: Increasing the number of potential customers:
Many companies gain or increase the number of their customers by relying on potential customers because they show interest and communicate with their brand or business to obtain information about the products to provide personal information such as his / her e-mail in exchange for that information.
Therefore, you must work according to your marketing plan to educate and feed the potential customers, and take the entire path with them, starting with the means of personal communication with them and even converting them into buyers by raising their potential attention and interest on the subject, maintaining their interaction, and offering some offers such as videos, or digital books or discounts on some of your products to encourage them to buy.
The marketing objective: Increasing sales in line with the growth of commercial projects:
When your company or business reaches a stage of growth, your next marketing goal should be to increase sales of your products and develop others by setting up a sales incentive program to motivate its employees in the sales department to increase sales and giving them privileges to achieve this, and sales representative should follow a new strategy by offering the improved services such as offering a product sample for free or at a reduced price to encourage customers to buy new products.
Giving special offers to customers is also one of the ways to increase sales, so the company relies on special promotions for some products, and their customers are informed of these offers via e-mail or call, or through the company’s accounts on social media, which helps it to reach a large number of customers.
In addition to ability of using influential people known as Influencers who have a large number of followers on their accounts on social media, as many companies resort to them to promote their products and services, and this method has proven effective in achieving more sales.
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It is necessary to know what marketing goals your business or project needs, so that you can focus your efforts to achieve your current marketing goal to develop your business.

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