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The development of e-commerce with all characteristics and advantages that provides, starting with the development of the work of online store owners and e-marketing workers, to access to new markets, e-payments and the emergence of affiliate marketing or commission marketing, whose role has emerged easily to achieve profits for both parties, marketers and owners of companies or stores without fear of fraud, which made this type of marketing very important.
In a previous article, we discussed what affiliate marketing is and its basics, and one of the basics of starting affiliate marketing is choosing the right product for the marketer that enables him / her to sell and to develop sales to achieve the required profits.
It is necessary to follow several tips when choosing the appropriate product so that the affiliate marketer can sell it.
In this article we will review them and clarify the tools that necessary to start the process of affiliate marketing.
Basic Tips for Choosing the Right Product for Affiliate Marketing:
Explore affiliate marketing`s networks:
It is considered one of the most important steps that must be followed to choose a suitable product to be marketed with commission The implementation of affiliate marketing networks or affiliate marketing by knowing the products they offer, their strategy in the offers and the nature of their work, and searching for the appropriate products for the segment of the audience you want to target.
Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between the advertiser as a first party and the affiliate marketer as a third party, and their number has increased in recent years, as they have multiple programs of affiliate marketing offers and providing a wide variety of products.
View the available products to select the right once:
Affiliate marketing networks contain many products, so you must browse those products and goods with great accuracy, in order to choose the product to start your business, taking into account that it is compatible with the nature of your store and enables you to market it on commission, and attract customers to buy it.
Use Google search engine to search for the right product:
In order to use the Google search engine effectively, which helps you to find the effective product for affiliate marketing, you can apply the following formula in the search engine:
keyword + Affiliate program
Where you replace keyword with the keyword related to your business, for example:
Weight Loss Affiliate Programs
Then you click on search, and many results will appear, and you look at the affiliate marketing products that match the nature of your target audience.
View affiliate programs for e-commerce stores:
In order to choose the effective product to start your activity in affiliate marketing or commission marketing, you must carefully browse the online stores that have their own affiliate programs such as Amazon, Souq, ClickBank and other e-stores,
You may choose the affiliate marketing program for one of these stores, which gives a great opportunity to enter many customers and make purchases.
Monitor competitors:
This step is necessary when choosing the right product to start affiliate marketing, so that you can know the products they are marketing, and how to promote them to learn from them indirectly the methods of choosing their products and develop your style in this type of marketing to enter the field of competition with them.
Communicate with companies and individuals directly:
Many companies and brands of their products enable commission marketing programs, and therefore the option to communicate with them directly is the best way for you to be able to do commission marketing for their products, especially if those products are compatible with your business or the nature of your online store,
There are also many individuals who sell products independently, you can communicate with them and work to promote and market their products on commission.
Basic tools needed of affiliate marketing:
In order to start your business through affiliate marketing, you must take care of several basic tools that will help you to succees in this type of marketing, which are:

Tool of Landing Pages Creation:
The landing page is the basic step for starting a dialogue with the customer, and one of the most important tools that the affiliate marketer must have. It is a single web page designed to receive visitors from your advertising campaign, to achieve a specific goal or deliver a specific advertising message.
There are a number of tools that enable you to create landing pages, even if you do not have the necessary experience to create them with good standards.
The most important are: leadpages and Unbounce, and you can also use specialists from web designers and developers to create landing pages in a professional manner.
A tool for tracking and analyzing the results of the advertising campaign:
To know the success of your advertising campaign and the goals you have achieved, you should use a professional tools that help to analyze the results of marketing campaigns and follow them up on the platforms, as these tools help in obtaining details and information about the performance of the campaign for affiliate marketing.
For example, the Landing Pages it gives you accurate details about visitors and browsers, and this enables you to make appropriate adjustments to improve the results of the advertising campaign.
The analysis and follow-up tools also help to know the keywords and target websites through which you got from sales, and the websites that you did not get from. Thus, canceling your losing targets.
Perhaps one of the most important of these tools is the split test,
Advertiser page viewer not available in your country:
It is essential for you as an affiliate marketer that you check the advertisers’ pages to make sure that they are working properly, and that they are an attractive page. But most of time, you are marketing the affiliate to another country so that the landing pages of the advertisers will appear only in the target country. 
So, it is necessary to use other tools that enable you to view the offer page in many countries of the world, including hotspotshield
Competitor campaigns tool:
This tool is considered one of the most important tools ever to achieve success as an affiliate marketer, as it enables you to track the data of competitors’ advertising campaigns, the landing pages they use, the source of visitors and other targeting data, which helps to generate new ideas and use competitors’ ideas after developing them to increase your sales, taking into account that each type of visitor has its own tools, and one of the most important tools for viewing competitors' campaigns is
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It is necessary to follow several tips when choosing the appropriate product so that the affiliate marketer can sell it.

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