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With the emergence of websites, blogs and online stores, the race to appear in the first results of search engines, especially in Google has increased, so attention was paid to the rules of search engine optimization, or what is known as SEO.
Attention has begun to the basic factors that improve the emergence of these websites and stores, including the Meta tag, as they are the main page identification codes for websites that draw the attention of search engines and help to increase the number of browsers and visitors.
In this article, we will discuss the meta tag, its most important basic elements, and the important things when using each element.
What is the meta tag:
They are illustrations or a set of codes used to help search engines TO understand the general content of the site and archive it properly, usually placed between <HEAD> and </HEAD…. etc., so that the browser does not see it for the website, it is a tag from the HTML markup language.
Meta tags are one of the main factors that help search engines to rank your website or store and to link them to the keywords that entered by the users.
It consists of several elements, which are: Meta Name, Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. 
These elements are helping the search engines to find your pages, and each meta has its weight in search engines.
Main elements of Meta Tag:
Meta tag consists of several types that complement each other, which are:
  • Meta Title: It is the most important Tag for search engines, especially for Google, which improves the appearance of your pages. It is the title of your page in the web and search engines summarize the content of your pages.
One of the basic things that must be taken into account when using the Meta Title is the inclusion of keywords in it, and the number of characters in the meta title is nearly 10 to 60 characters, and if the number of these characters exceeds, Google will ignore the extra.
 So, it is necessary to put a different title to distinguish each page of your site, if there are two keywords at the same time in the title meta, you should put the most important at the beginning, and it is preferable not to put words that are not related to your website.
In short, the importance of the title tag is mainly related to the fact that it appears in search results in a bold and main font. Therefore, if the title is attractive, it will increase the click-through rate “CTR” and the higher this percentage increases the confidence of search engines in the site in addition to increasing its popularity.
  •  Meta Description: It is a simple explanation that summarizes the content of your page WHICH written accurately. The search engines show this explanation in the results pages, so make a combination of words that are present in each of them.
One of the basic things that must be taken into account when writing the meta description is to make the meta description text an attractive one to increase the number of clicks by browsers. 
The maximum number of characters should be 170 characters and includes the most important keywords within a distinct text for each page on the website, in order to encourages the browsers to do a certain action.
If the goal of your page is getting visitors to sign up, you should put an urging phrase like “register now for free” within the meta description. If you are submitting an offer via the landing page, you must put the offer in the meta description.
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  • Meta Keywords: It enjoyed great importance in the past with search engines, but now its role is very simple, especially with the search engine Google, where one of its engineers confirmed that Google depends on 200 factors in ranking its search results and meta keywords are not among them, but it cannot be neglected in the rest of the other search engines, so you should focus on the most important words.
There are a number of meta signs:
  1. meta http-equiv tag
  2. meta refresh tag
  3. meta robots tag
  4. meta copyright tag
  5. meta author tag
  6. meta http-equiv 
Meta Discription:
Paying attention to the basic factors that improve the appearance of these sites and stores, including the Meta tag, which are the main page identification codes for sites that draw the attention of search engines.

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