How to write a professional product description

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Perhaps the description of products is one of the most important basic factors for e-commerce, and the main element for the success of the online store and its achievement of high rates of sales.
The method of writing plays an effective role in the marketing process and persuading visitors to make and increase purchases from the online store, which raises conversion rates which lead to increase the volume of e-commerce,
Therefore, there are the tips for writing a professional and attractive product descriptions.
Know the product well to write a professional description:
In order to be able to write a professional description of the products for your online store, it is necessary to know these products well, their characteristics, features, accurate specifications and all the details related to them, and clarify the benefits that customers will get once they purchase one of these products.
So, studying and knowing the products is essential to the purchase process.
Characteristics of the target audience:
Before writing a professional marketing content for your products, you must know your customers and their behavior, and the nature of the target audience through the products, in addition to the features that the customer is keen to have in the product, and know how to reach the store.
So, whenever you take these things into account when writing content, you will be able to find a close and likable description of customers that will encourage them to make a purchase decision.
Focusing on the characteristics & features of products to write a professional description:
It is not enough to display the components and features of your products to convince your customer to buy one of these products, so it is necessary to focus when writing professional content for products on the competitive advantages and the many benefits that the customer will get once he / she purchases the product.
This method has a significant impact on the customer persuasion process, as it focuses on satisfying customers' needs by purchasing the product and the convenience it will have.
Write a professional description of the products that suits the search engines:
Writing a professional description of products is not enough to attract your customers, they must find you in an easy way when they search for a specific product in the search engines. So be careful when writing the content for each product to suit with those engines, and write a unique description for each product, not depending on copying content from another website that matches your products, that enable your store to appear on the first pages of search results, in order to reach a large segment of customers to reach your online store easily. 
Also, knowing the keywords that your customers that search by that customers helps you to build professional content and enables your store to be among the first results of searches, as there are some websites that can help you to know the keywords.
Writing product descriptions in an attractive way:
When writing product descriptions, you should take into account its size is suitable for different browsers, as they often do not have much time to read, as they want to get quick information that contains the characteristics and features of the product without exaggerating the description.
Therefore, the description should be comprehensive for all specifications in an effective manner away from monotony and boredom, as the description or content should be in the form of collecting points for all the characteristics of the product.
Using simple language to write product descriptions:
Many e-store owners are writing a description of their products using difficult terms and words that only affect customers negatively.
It is necessary that the language used be consistent with the store’s brand, and the words must be easy and simple, and the customer feels that the marketer is talking him / her which eagerness to deal with him again.
Present the product innovation story:
Many customers tend to see a brief about the products in the online store to know more details about them, how they were made and the developments they have gone through, until they reached their current form.
This method is considered one of the indirect means of persuasion of the importance of the product. It depends on arousing the interest of customers and indirectly pushing them to buy the product. When you tell the story of a product, they forget that you are promoting it.
Meta Description:
In order to be able to write a professional description of the products for your online store, it is necessary to know these products well, their characteristics, features, accurate specifications and all the details related to them.

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