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When thinking about starting a business that competes with different commercial companies, it must be expressed with a strong commercial identity, as it will accompany products and services for long term. Therefore, the main objective of designing the commercial identity is to build a mental image of the emerging company to the customers and reflect the values and principles of that company.
So, many owners of companies and commercial activities rely on companies specialized in designing the business identity because of its importance, and to employ them well to serve their interests by establishing that commercial identity in the minds of consumers.
In this article we will address the importance of designing the business identity of companies and commercial activities. 
Business identity in companies and commercial projects:
The business identity is the company's way of defining itself in front of customers and other competing companies. It provides a clear vision of your commercial project in the market with all its goals and principles.
The business identity appears clearly on your website, social media platforms, covers of the company's products and in its various publications.
 In addition to being present in the company's offices and perhaps in the staff's clothing, as it seeks to consolidate the company's commercial activity between its internal and external audience in order to compete with other commercial companies.
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The importance of designing the business identity of the business:
The design of the business identity of any company or business is essential in the marketing process, as many companies spend thousands of dollars to update and develop their commercial identity to consolidate it with their audience, it has a great impact on customers as its importance comes from that:
  • Business identity design to attract new customers: The business identity aims primarily to attract new customers, as it presents the company's features, values and services that satisfy their needs, and IT tries to make them actual and loyal customers of the company's products by building a good reputation that is achieved in the long run.
  • Designing a business identity that distinguishes your business from others: With the expansion of the commercial market and the large number of competing companies that offer similar products to your services, they seek to achieve customer satisfaction, which makes them have many options to buy. So, some companies resort to designing the commercial identity to distinguish it from other companies to help them attract customers' attention and pushing them to make a purchase decision.
  • Designing a business identity helps increase customer confidence in the business: The business identity is the first image of you to customers even before they buy your products, especially since many customers prefer to buy products that are known from the source or the company that you provide.
The business identity takes the first step in marketing the product and attracting customers to learn more about your products and services.
Therefore, when they see the business identity of the product, it will build a kind of security and confidence for them, and they will appreciate the company’s effort to provide the best services and products compared to products that do not carry a commercial identity whose quality and usefulness remain questionable, so they do not like to buy and acquire those products.
  • Business identity design helps customers to remember your business: One of the most important things that the business identity does is to create a mental image of its products among the customers, and once they see the business identity, they can remember the services provided by the company and the principles that work to consolidate it.
    When the customer sees the commercial identity of a company that specializes in cars, he / she will remember its logo, its types of cars and perhaps its advertisement, and this reflects the affects of commercial identity on its customers and their ability to remember those details.
  • Designing a business identity to reflect the business activity: The business identity represents the identification card of your business in the market, and acquaints your audience with the nature of your products and services that meet their needs with high quality, as well as it`s an effective tool for creating an impression on customers in the absence of marketing advertising for the products. 
  • Business identity design is an essential part of the marketing strategy: Marketing companies consider the design of the commercial identity of any business an important part when defining the marketing strategy, as it is the main interface that customers will interact with and share through social media. 
    It`s enable you to have a stronger and better presence on these websites, as well as being the main component of advertisements and images that promote the company's services or commercial activities.
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Many owners of companies and commercial activities rely on companies specialized in designing the business identity because of its importance, and to employ them well to serve their interests.

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