The most important e-payment gateways in the middle east and gulf countries

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The E-commerce works to provide a unique electronic experience for owners of online stores and commercial companies to facilitate buying and selling processes in a safely, and it provides the electronic payment process for customers which is the most important essential factor in the design of the online stores.
Therefore, the online store owners are interested to find e-payment in multiple and easy ways for their customers wherever they are, and e-payment methods are often the reason for attracting customers and buying them products from a particular store.
The online payment is characterized by making purchases and financial transactions with the online stores securely, ability of payment in different currencies, easy to link with different e-stores and the absence of any additional fees on the customer, so a large number of electronic payment gateways have spread around the world,
In this article, we will talk about the most important online payment gateways in the middle east and the gulf countries.
The best electronic payment gateways in the middle east and gulf countries:

Online payment gateway PayPal:
It is one of the most important pioneering companies in the field of electronic payment, which was established in 1998. It enables customers, such as commercial companies or people, to send and receive payments securely and simply through personal accounts or websites, and it is a quick way to pay when shopping on the internet and transferring money from person to another one. Many auction sites, e-commerce, trading companies and online stores rely mainly on PayPal services, making it a leading company in online payment services.
Perhaps one of the most important features of the PayPal online payment gateway is that it is present in 203 countries and regions, and deals with 26 currencies around the world.
Online payment gateway Hyperpay:
It is one of the most important online payment gateways in the middle east, the gulf countries and north africa, and it is considered as a third party in e-commerce, completing sales and receiving payments in both cases, whether in light of the availability or non-availability of the Internet, and it offers many services and solutions for electronic payment.
Hyperpay operates worldwide, transacting with many types of major currencies, it has companies with over 100 international payment provider partners around the world, and offers seamless integration with e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Oracle, and others.
Hyperpay takes the highest security measures to ensure 100% transaction protection against fraud, providing over 120 in-house risk management tools, data intrusion protection and 3D credit card security compliant data protection and chargeback technology.
Online payment gateway 2Checkout:
The online payment gateway 2Checkout began its work in 2006 and was acquired by Avangate in 2017. It is one of the best e-payment services companies in most online stores in the middle east and the gulf countries, as it is considered the first choice for owners of the online stores designed on the Joomla platform, as it provides it is easy to install and manage.
This portal uses a redirected method, as it does not require setting a URL to return the merchant account and also offers several WordPress plugins that make it easy to integrate with WooCommerce.
2Checkout online payment gateway services are available in more than 200 countries, mostly in the middle east and the gulf countries. It provides 8 payment methods in 26 currencies and 15 languages and offering their services at prices as low as 3.9% per transaction.
Online payment gateway PayFort:
It is a technology and electronic payment services solutions company for online stores in the middle east and the gulf countries, where it operates in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and Qatar. It was founded in 2013 and was recently acquired by Amazon.
PayFort e-payment gateway provides its e-payment services to emerging e-stores with low monthly fees, thus increasing its popularity with large, medium and emerging stores and companies to obtain its service.
It offers fast integration services, local payment methods, as well as risk management and fraud prevention through ACI RED protection. ACI RED is a fraud prevention solution that uses multiple technologies to ensure that valuable financial transactions are executed, while suspicious transactions are detected and prevented.
Online payment gateway Paytabs:
Paytabs helps the online stores to accept the payments quickly and securely through several e-payment methods, and it meets the needs of many companies in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and India, which was founded by Abdulaziz Fahad Al-Jouf in 2013.
By using a single API from the Paytabs electronic payment gateway, you can integrate the PayTabs portal with your online store and receive amounts in 168 currencies. It is characterized by providing an advanced system to prevent fraud on e-stores and providing a customer service team and technical support specialized in resolving legal disputes to provide its service to all customers, as well as completing all integration procedures with its portal and activate it on customer stores within less than 24 hours.
One of the most important problems that face e-store owners is Paytabs withholding funds for a period of more than 8 days, and customers cannot receive them until this period has elapsed, and this procedure is not suitable for owners of a start-up and medium-sized company.
Online payment gateway GoCoin:
It is one of the most important online payment gateways in the middle east and the gulf countries, established in 2013, and providing e-payment services for purchases through online stores using e-currencies such as bitcoin.
The GoCoin online payment gateway is characterized by providing e-payment services in the form of a commercial API which supports digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. It works through its digital platform to protect customer data and provide security and safety standards for e-stores for a fee of as few as 1 % on each transaction.
GoCoin portal deals with many large companies in various fields of business, the most important are General Electric, Tesla Motors,and Cozy Game. 
Online payment gateway Moyasar: 
The online payment gateway Moyasar is one of the leading companies in the middle east and the gulf countries with its services of sending and receiving payments electronically.
Moyasar e-Payment Gateway characterized by features multiple options for online payment via credit cards, debit cards, new payment accounts, offering standardized APIs and ready-made code libraries for PHP, JAVA, Node, Ruby.
The online Payment Moyasar provides billing service through its APIs or through a usable dashboard that can be accessed via an Android mobile app, iPhone or via the web.
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Therefore, a large number of online payment gateways have spread around the world, and in this article, we will talk about the most important online payment gateways in the middle east and the gulf countries.

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