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The interest of e-store and businesses owners is no longer limited to the way to create stores, publish products and present offers, but rather has gone beyond the need for their online store to publish the results of search engines in light of the intense competition among online stores, and the matter has become preoccupying e-marketers and e-store owners in light of the developments in some algorithms of search engines, as well as changes to the way to search for content and products on the Internet.
It has become necessary for marketers to develop marketing strategies based on basic steps that help them to make their e-stores the top in the results of search engines, which creates a kind of competition with other stores, and to work on mastering these techniques and steps and identifying other factors that help to increase the number of targeted visitors.
In this article, we will discuss the most important steps to be ranked in the search engines.
The most important basic steps for e-store to be ranked in the search engines:
It is necessary to rely on several basic steps that make any online store to be on the top of search engines results, which are:
Conducting a comprehensive search for search terms helps e-store to be on the top of the search engines results:
The Specialists in search engines focus on the need to conduct a comprehensive search for search phrases, which are the one word or may words that customers enter when searching for a topic in search engines, to form a list of search terms and work on developing it to help e-marketers to choose keywords when creating ads to target an audience. The store owner must conduct an evaluation of the competitors to see what keywords they use in their ads.
Optimizing the content of the e-store helps to be a rank among the search engines:
To be the top in the first page results of search engines, the e-stores should depend on the content that included in those stores, by considering the availability of keywords in the main and sub-titles and content.
The content is divided into paragraphs and each paragraph has a subtitle that expresses the main idea of the paragraph content, and attention must be focused to the data infrastructure in terms of URLs.
The content should meet the needs of customers in obtaining information about any product they want to buy and search for in various search engines, and when placing the content, the appropriate classifications must be established.
Building and dividing the e-store well help to be the top among the search engines:
When creating the online store, you should take into account the need to build it and divide it in a good way to archive it easily by the search engines, taking into account the work on the website of (Sitemap) and its files, which prevents visitors from being distracted when browsing the store, and increases the visitor’s stay in it.
The speed of the online store helps search engines rank:
The speed of loading the online store upon entering the customer is one of the most important factors in the results of search engines, so when creating your store, you must choose templates of small size so that the store loads very quickly, and you should pay attention to the size of images, videos and other page elements so as not to slow down the speed downloading the store, because search engines avoid online stores that take a long time to load. Thus, fast site loading reduces the bounce rate of your online store

Increasing the number of e-store`s followers helps to be the top of search engines:
One of the most important things to help increase the rate of visits to the online store is to share the store’s content on the various social media of the store which are characterized by interaction and participation.
The number of followers can be increased by building attractive content on the store’s blog and sharing it on social media which encourages followers to enter the store. Sharing the posts with friends contribute to building and promoting your business and brand, in addition to organizing initiatives and campaigns that target a specific audience to motivate followers to share also.
The use of hashtags helps search`s spiders to find your accounts in social media and thus lead to be the top of search engines by creating and promoting your hashtag on the name of your store or your brand, or using your hashtag with keywords that a visitor enters to search for a specific product.
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Improvements (SEO) Page help to be the top in search engines:

This step is carried out through several main points:
  • Defining keywords and including them in the headlines and sub-headings - as we emphasized in a previous paragraph - in addition to containing the alt text of images and content on the keywords without exaggerating their repetition, but making them appear in the context of the content naturally.
  • Meta tags are a definition of your online store to the search engines, they are placed in the html of each page of your store, in addition to writing the name and description of the store in the space designated for that, and some parts of the code are replaced with a few words, in which place the site name, description, geographical location and other details to get search engines to learn about your store and start archiving.

Improvements out off (SEO) Page help to be the top in search engines:
  • The Improvements out off (SEO) Page are playing an important role in the configuration of search engines because it contributes to increasing the number of visitors, which makes search engines realize your website quickly. Thus, your store will be the top in the first page results of search engines, and this can be achieved through several ways, which are: Building Back Links, which means placing your website`s link on other websites to increase visitors when clicking on the link, as it can be placed by interacting with comments in blogs and forums by an active person on these blogs, and otherwise it is difficult to allow their placement.
  • You must create accounts on social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which are closely connected to the Google search engine, and share your store articles to increase the number of visitors, and this will gradually contribute to be your store the top in search engines.
  • Putting the link of your online store in the directories websites with a brief, attractive and accurate description of the services provided by the store and the nature of its business activity.
  • Writing articles in blogs that match your field of business so that you can put your store`s link inside or at the end of the article.
  • Paid marketing, both in Google AdWords service and through social media which knows the cost for clicks, as it can achieve double benefits from the benefits of free marketing. 
Analyzing the performance of your e-store helps to be the top among the search engines:
One of the most important tools that help to be the top in the search engines is using the Google Analytics or other similar tools that enable the store`s owner to know the keywords, the number of visitors per month, the time that the visitors stay in your store and the bounce rate. It provides detailed reports on the target audience so that you can evaluate your store and work on adjusting the marketing strategy in order to achieve its goals.

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It has become necessary for marketers to develop marketing strategies based on basic steps that help them to make their e-stores the top in the results of search engines.



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