The impact of online shopping on customer behavior in Middle East

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The behavior of customers and consumers in the countries of the middle east has varied with the emergence of e-commerce and the online stores.
These stores have changed some of these behaviors by relying on various marketing methods and many strategies for product pricing and other basic matters that facilitate the marketing process and making purchase decisions.
The impact of e-marketing on the behavior of customers in the middle east has gained the attention of specialists in this field and studying the characteristics of their behavior, as it has an effective role in the process of targeting the audience and raising its interest for the products of the online stores.
In this article, we will explain the basic features of customer behavior in the middle east.

Basic features of customer behavior:
The most important basic features of customer and consumer behavior in the middle east are:
The age factor of customers affects the purchase and e-marketing process:
It is one of the most important behavioral characteristics of customers in the middle east who do e-marketing, where we find that the youth category is more interested in this type of marketing compared to the elderly, as the young people are more able to use technological devices such as computers and mobile phones when buying from e-stores, and they are more inclined to buy various and new products.
The many e-commerce specialists confirm that the young people are the most purchasing age group from e-stores, as e-marketing represents for them an important and enjoyable.
This explains the role of age in influencing the consumer's attitude towards online shopping.
Language factor of customers affects e-marketing:
One of the behaviors of customers is to go to online stores which provide several languages, so that the language is not an obstacle to them when browsing the store, which enable the owner stores it to increase the number of potential customers, as many of them prefer stores that speak their language, so they feel more comfortable while browsing the products and informing them of the information.
For example, many brands have worked to provide their websites in Arabic specifically for customers in the middle east to consolidate their relationship with them and increase their loyalty to them, so the language factor is an essential element to enter new markets.
Skill of comparing brands:
Before making a purchase decision, the customers in the middle east are searching for similar and competitive options for the product, especially since it is much easier via the internet, where they can roam among many stores, checking product information, comparing their prices and ensuring the quality of the offered products, thus they can get the product that matches their requests, and they may get a certain discount, coupon or free product that motivates them to buy again.
Providing the element of security when purchasing in e-marketing:
The Customers are concerned about the need to provide the element of security and protection for their data when buying. They may be tempted to retreat from the purchase if they do not feel the availability of protection and security factors during those procedures. 
Therefore, the online stores attach great importance to protection and verification certificates and providing clarity and accuracy in every step of the payment process, in order to achieve all customers' needs and expectations.
Customers' interest in modern products in e-stores:
Every day, new and modern products appear in the world of e-marketing which attract customers' attention to buy, no matter how expensive the products are.
For example, customers buy new mobile phones as soon as they are launched in stores, regardless of their capabilities, specifications and high prices, so many brands resort to the e-stores to provide new products on a permanent basis to increase their sales, which leads to an increase in profits.
Customers are influenced by the opinions of others when making a purchase decision:
One of the most important customer behaviors when buying a product from online stores is that they are affected by the opinions and comments of visitors about this product more than their reliance on viewing and searching for information and specifications for it, they are more inclined to people’s directions, especially with the emergence of influential people on social media and their role to evaluate the products offered by those stores, as they have the ability to change customers' attitudes towards a product.
So, many online stores resort to social media to promote and market their products, and this method has played a major role in influencing customers.
Customers prefer having a support team in the e-stores:
One of the most important customer behaviors in e-marketing is that they tend to inquire about all matters related to a particular product. Many e-stores in Arab countries do not attach great importance to technical support for customers, even though it is one of the tools for building trust with consumers by answering their inquiries and providing information that lead to the complete the purchase process, in order to increase the sales of those stores, as well as it can rely on high-quality images and videos to help customers get to know the products.
Also, many stores are not able to return the product or exchange it with another product, which make the customer to think carefully about buying the product, as this policy is a strong obstacle to completing the purchase process.
Customers' interest in persuasive information in e-marketing:
The customers in e-marketing have become keen to learn more about it through articles before making a purchase decision, and this is what the content marketing does through articles that depend on convincing the customer about the importance of the product instead of providing extensive advertising messages just as the traditional marketing does.
The content marketing works to attract customers without mentioning the names of the brands, to be able to influence the behavior of customers by persuading the benefits of certain products, which is the basic step that e-marketing depends on in the stores through the private blog of each online store.
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The impact of e-marketing on the behavior of customers in the middle east has gained the attention of specialists in this field and studying the characteristics of their behavior, as it has an effective role in the process of targeting the audience.

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