The importance of customer loyalty and its tools in e-stores

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Getting more customers is the primary goal for owners of e-stores and brands, and keeping them within the scope of loyalty to their brand or online store. The basis for the success of this method is by converting the potential customer into an actual customer by repeating purchases from the store.
Here the customer loyalty system is playing this role through specific tools that help to create and enhance customer loyalty. So, the e-stores focus on the idea of customer loyalty by developing their marketing strategy to achieve levels of profit and the sustainability of the customer’s purchasing behavior.
In this article, we will talk about the importance of loyalty customers and the most important tools that help strengthen it.
Customer Loyalty Program:
The customer loyalty program depends on the rewards that the company offers to customers who buy again from it. Through this program, the customer may be able to try new products or get coupons for some special products or he / she may get products for free. The degree of loyalty in an online store cannot be a coincidence, but it is the result of a clear and deliberate plan to gain the trust of customers and develop their loyalty to products in light of the intense competition witnessed by e-commerce.

Customer loyalty system available in e-stores:
Many commercial projects generally rely on loyalty systems to increase their sales, and for e-stores, they can also take advantage of their loyalty systems to increase customers and grow their sales, through e-mail marketing, customer service, live chat and preparing the product offers and marketing activities that contribute significantly to enhancing customer loyalty to e-stores.
Customer loyalty system helps to repeat the purchase process from e-stores:
The application of customer loyalty programs in your online store helps the customer to buy again your products, as his / her confidence in the quality of the store’s products and the store’s ability to meet his / her requirements increases his / her loyalty to your store and pushes him / her to buy other products again.
According to many studies, the majority of the profits` stores or brands come from repeating the purchase of actual / permanent customers, so it`s necessary to apply customer loyalty programs on them to increase their trust and interaction with the store.
Customer loyalty system helps marketing your e-store:
Many actual customers of an online store do oral marketing without intending to, they talk to their friends and the people around them about their buying experience from that store, the quality of its products, and the services it provides, as many people are affected by the experiences of others in the purchases, which leads them to visit the store and maybe buy its products,
This method of marketing is one of the most successful ways because of its low cost, as the customer loyalty program indirectly contributes to the marketing of the online store and its products.
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Maintaining a permanent customer is less expensive than gaining a new one:
Many business owners and e-stores are interested in their marketing strategy in retaining actual customers, as they are less expensive than acquiring new customers, and the profits from purchases by actual customers are more than potential customers. The 50% of actual customers try new products and spend 31% more compared to new customers,
The customer loyalty programs help e-store owners to maintain the relationship with actual customers and maintain their loyalty to the online store and its products.
Tools to enhance customer loyalty in the e-store:
There are a number of tools that help to enhance customer loyalty to your online store and enable you to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy, which are:


Loyalty to customers or gift and compensation program:
The loyalty program is a successful way for the online stores to maintain the customer, as it given to the customer an added value when shopping as an expression of the store’s loyalty to this customer, by calculating certain points when purchasing a commodity, or when the total value of his / her purchases reaches a certain value.Therefore, the customer finds it difficult to buy from another online store, and he / she is always thinking how to raise his / her balance from those points, and how to use them in another purchasing process.
Buying games in e-stores:This step has evolved and been integrated into many commercial fields and is no longer limited to mobile games and is used to add fun and interaction with customers as well as a sense of competition to win something.Many online stores include the system of games and competition to obtain a product or points to be used in a new purchase, and these games are usedspecially to target the youth category to encourage them to buy technical or electronic products.

Personalization:The idea is to collect data and information about the targeted customer, and this information is used later to provide offers, discounts, products and promotions according to the customer’s interest or needs, such as e-mails that send directly to the customer, which indicates that the online store is interested in the customer, so his / her loyalty to that store or brand will increase.The personalization strategy is suitable to use by all categories of customers, especially when used in personalized e-mail campaigns.
Providing support in e-stores:The Online Stores are keen to provide all kinds of technical or service support that customers need in order to improve customer service and increase their satisfaction, which provides a good experience and solves all problems quickly, as this plays a role in transforming the new customer into an actual and permanent for the online store.Therefore, the e-store owners are interested in support systems through technical support chat programs, which enable them to deal with customers as soon as they need support, and to obtain instructions and clarification for their inquiries without the waiting.

Providing a customer relationship management system in e-stores: The customer relationship management system helps to save and review customer data, as well as its ability to communicate with them by linking and integrating with the rest of the tools to reach a successful shopping experience and maintain customer loyalty.
The CRM system is suitable for the online stores that have actual customers and operate through periodic or service subscriptions, or stores that offer subscriptions in exchange for specific discounts on their products.

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Therefore, the online stores focus on the idea that the customer loyalty by developing their marketing strategy to achieve increased levels of profit and the sustainability of the customer's purchasing behavior.


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