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When you browse many online stores, you will find that blogs are a major part of their construction due to their important role in marketing products.
Most owners of small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises have realized the importance of having a blog for their online store that help does and influence customers, as it is a reliable source of information about services and products, and a free promotional tool for the store’s contents and services by writing many articles that your customers can view and express their opinions about those articles.
Blogs for e-stores enhance your reputation and the strength of your brand, through its role in building trust with your customers and enhancing the way to communicate with them in a professionally.
In short, the blogs in online stores plays an important role that must be taken into account when entering the world of e-commerce.
In this article, we will review the most important advantages of the blog in online stores.

Blogs and their role in the online store:
Blogs are a modern technology, as they are one of the modern applications on the internet, and a simplified image of web pages that show articles and blog posts arranged in ascending chronological order.
The blogs are closer to websites, rely on content and publish numerous articles and videos, and characterized by ability of visitors or customers to interact with these articles through commenting and discussion.
The blogs provide many benefits to the users, they improve career opportunities, enable to identify many individuals online, it is a major factor to enter the business and e-commerce, it helps promote new businesses and sell products, giving new writers an opportunity to improve their writing skills and communicate with other writers, as well as they provide them with immediate response and direct interaction, and access to everything that is new in all fields, and create a wide space for expression of opinion and self.
The interest of companies and e-store owners in blogs as a promotional medium has increased, which prompted them to establish blogs within their e-stores, to build a good image and reputation for the brand, increase and develop sales, as well as to create a wide audience base of customers and strengthen communication with them. 
Services provided by blogs for online stores:
Some entrepreneurs believed that having a blog in their e-stores is secondary and unnecessary for their services, but with the development of e-commerce and its importance at the present time, some have realized the importance of blogs for e-stores and the many advantages they offer, which are:
Shopping blogs for e-store`s products:
Blogs are a good marketing tool, as they promote your services and products by publishing free offers for some products that are seen by thousands of browsers and visitors to your blog. It is necessary that the blogs contain all the details of each products and other features and advantages that your online store provides, and the blogs enable you to communicate with your customers directly and know their opinions about your services by commenting on the topics you publish. 

Blogs provide an assistance to e-store customers:
Blogs in the online stores help customers by providing solutions to the problems they face by providing attractive content that is comprehensive of information, and keeping them informed of all updates and new services, which enhances your brand, creates loyalty and increases their relationship with your store, as well as it earns interaction and conversation with customers and confidence that push the customers to buy products.
Blogging turns e-store visitors into actual customers:
The blog in your online store enables you to reach a large number of customers and turn them into actual customers for your store through blogging, as each new post has a new page for the store that archived by search engines.
This is done by offering free content such as a book or video to the visitor in exchange for having his / her private information such as e-mail, then send him / her a recommendation of content or a product.
Blogs make the online stores the top on search engines:
To increase the reach of your online store services to customers, you should write blogs and articles related to your products and your brand, targeting the keywords that browsers are searching for in search engines.
This requires you to continuously publish high-quality blog posts on your online store to be the top on those engines, because the competition is strong to reach the first results of the pages on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Ease of blogging design: 
Blogs of all kinds and forms are characterized by the ease of design and control of their options, as they do not require much knowledge of technical matters. Blogs can be created in several ways, including on WordPress, which is the most popular and used way in the world.
It is considered an open source program, so there is no cost to be paid, and you can put plugins to help you to design your blog to suit the nature of your online store and then publish it.
You can also create your blog through the Blogger website by creating a Gmail account, then enter the Blogger page and choose the blog format to suit your store and your brand, so you can start the blogging process.
Meta Description:
Blogs in online stores help customers by providing solutions to the problems they face by providing comprehensive information content and keeping them informed.

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