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 When you browse a website, you often encounter different advertisements for products or services, as many website owners take advantage of the spaces on their websites by publishing ads on a page or a number of pages to achieve more profits through their depending on the Google AdSense program which is one of Google's programs.
The basic idea of this program is based on the ability of website owners to post ads for free and by an easy way. 
In the following article, we will explain what the Google AdSense program is, how to earn money through it, and how to participate in it.
What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows website owners to display ads related to the content on the website prepared through Google AdWords. This is done by free, as Google AdSense organizes the placement of ads on websites.
The form of ads that Google AdSense deals with varies. They may be text ads, image ads, or video ads.
Google AdSense is one of the most important programs used by website owners who wish to publish ads on their websites, as It was able to attract the attention of a large number of publishers because it is able to generate a suitable financial income for them.
How to make money from Google AdSense:
The advertiser or website owner sets a certain amount for each click that on his / her ad, which is called (Cost Per Click), and tis abbreviated (CPC), Where the advertiser is paid every time someone clicks on an advertisement that was displayed on his / her web site, or chooses cost per thousand impressions CPM ads.
The advertisers set their prices for every 1,000 ads displayed, and they pay each time that their ads appear.
The click-through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks on ads divided by the number of times where the ad appears on the website. 
Let`s suppose a website has 4 Adsense on each page, then one page gets 4 ad impressions.
1 click / ad appears X 100 = CTR
Google AdSense ads:
The owners of website can display only three ads per page through Google AdSense. 
According to the Google search engine, the invasive ads may hinder a person’s browsing of the website, so displaying fewer ads can lead to increase profits.
As for the place to display those ads, it should not violate the terms of Google AdSense in places that browsers can easily see, and the image, text color and dimensions of the ad can also be chosen, after that, the platform generates a code (JavaScript) to put it in the place the advertiser wants on the website.
The most common dimensions of Google AdSense are:
- 336 x 280 large rectangle
- 300 x 250 medium rectangle
- 728 x 90 leaderboard
- 300 x 600 x half page
- 320×100 banner ads in large size
Register in Google AdSense:
In order to register in Google AdSense, you must have a website that includes 100% original content not taken from other websites, in addition to a phone number, a mailing address, and the age of the advertiser or website owners is over 18 years old.
Steps to register in Google AdSense:
First, enter the registration page, then choose the e-mail account you want to set up an account for, then enter the name of the website, the country of origin, and agree to the terms of using the platform.
Keep in mind that, to create a Google AdSense account you must have a private domain, as partners whose domains are hosted on secondary domains such as tumblr blogspot are not accepted.
To accept you in the program, Google checks your website's content if it matches the company's rules, and then ads start appearing on your website, once you accept the registration, you can display ads on any page, provided that they comply with Google's policies.
At the last stage, the account number that the website owner wants Google to deposit money that verify the clicks on the ads, and after completing the registration process, Google sends an envelope to his / her mailing address with the subscription confirmation code, where this process may take a maximum of two weeks minimum. 
Google AdSense custom channels:
The specialized channels in Google AdSense enable the website owner to track the performance of ad unit groups.
There are two ways to create custom channels. First, when you create or modify an ad unit, you can add a custom channel to track this ad unit, and another when you create a custom channel that adds an ad units to be tracked by it later.
You can also view reports for custom channels through the performance reports tab. From the sidebar, we choose “general reports”, then click on “custom channels”, then we click on a custom channel in the table to view more detailed statistics, and you can choose from the drop-down list Show at the top of the table to split the channel”.
Google AdSense policy for subscribing:
To continue subscribing to Google AdSense, you must adhere to the its conditions, which is that the website owner does not click on ads on his website, in addition to avoiding writing content that violates Google's policy, and you should not ask your friends to click on your ads, as Google will discover quickly the illegal clicks and your account may be quickly closed, and ads should not be placed on pages without content.
The website owner must not tamper with the Google AdSense code, change the look, work, target, or display ads for any reason.
Meta Description:
The basic idea of this program is based on the ability of website owners to post ads for free and by an easy way.

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