Basic elements of an online store product`s page to motivate customers to buy

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When you take your first step in creating your online store, you must be aware of the need to focus on the main details on the products page that enhance your sales and reflect the marketing plans and strategies that you have developed based on your marketing goals. So, this page with its key elements is the main factor to display the products to make customers to buy them in a professional manner and drives his / her to put the product in the shopping cart.
The product pages play an important role in the process of convincing the customer to buy the product and the benefit that accrues to him / her once he / she buys it, as you try to build trust with him / her to win him / her as an actual and permanent customer for your online store or your brand. 
Therefore, it is necessary to review the most important points that make the products page the mainstay for the promotion and development of your sales.
The most important elements of product pages to motivate customers to buy from the online store:
Providing professional photos of the products:
Professional high-resolution images are one of the most important elements of product pages, as they are the first factor that customers will look at even before reading product specifications and accompanying content. 
According to research, people remember images by 80% while they remember content by 20%, so the customer previews the product from through the pictures to check its details, because it is not available in a mere tangible form, so the customer can decide to buy the products or not, as it works to increase the customer’s confidence in the product.
Choosing the right pricing strategy:
Many business leaders and companies see that there are many pricing policies that can be adopted in online stores, but it is necessary to clarify the relationship between the material intangible value that the product provides to the customer, and the material amount allocated to the project with what has been spent on marketing strategies and other costs, plus to the value of the effort spent to prepare the product.
In addition to other factors such as the scarcity of the offered product, the period available to sell the product, or whether it is intended for a specific period, and the likelihood of companies offering the same products.
The necessity of providing multiple options for products:
Owners of brands and online stores should provide and display other options for the products to suit the tastes and requirements of customers in terms of sizes, colors and other specifications.
This`s the importance of selecting products by store`s owners with their multiple options through studying the market well and knowing the characteristics of customers, which clearly increases the chances of purchasing products when providing many options compared to other stores that do not rely on this policy.
Clearly put “Call to Action”:
Taking action is a necessary tool in your online store to help you achieve your marketing strategy, as its main goal is to push the customer to do a certain thing or a specific step, which helps you to make a purchase decision and bring a number of clicks.
So, it is necessary to write several types of action such as (Buy now, Add to shopping cart, Add to purchase list, Subscribe now etc), and you must avoid a single style on all your pages and texts.
Knowing the characteristics of the target audience:
Perhaps one of the most important steps that the online store`s owners must study carefully the characteristics, interests and needs of the target customers, in order to facilitate the process of selecting the appropriate products and content that provides all the information on the product pages.
Providing the necessary information and details to clients:
The most important thing for customers is the availability of information and details about the products that they want to buy, including the prices, in addition to previewing the clear images of those products which is an essential part of the product pages that work to attract consumers and pushing them to make a purchase decision.
So, it is necessary to pay attention to the way of presenting the content is in an interactive way that is easy to read by all customers, based on short, informative sentences.
Share customer opinions in the online store:
Your sharing the opinions of customers on your product pages gives a lot of credibility of your dealings with consumers, and you can benefit from the evaluations of the customers` experience with your online store for the possibility of converting the potential customers into actual, and this method is one of marketing methods and it is called oral marketing, which depends on presenting the opinions of customers about your products and services.
Many experts believe that it is necessary to add the ability to comment and rating the product pages of e-stores, which increases the confidence of customers in your products and pushes them to deal with your store.
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When you take your first step to creat your online store, you must be aware of the need to focus on the main details on the products page that enhances your sales.

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