The basic factors for measuring e-marketing campaigns and steps to build them

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 The Advertising campaigns in online stores require accuracy to apply them and to be their strategy an effective to achieve the goals of the marketing plan. We may consider the evaluating of the electronic marketing campaigns and measuring their success is one of the most important steps for any marketing campaign for your online store.
Therefore, store`s owners focus on the criteria for evaluating the success of marketing campaigns in their online stores, to see the feasibility of this plan and its ability to develop your business. 
Therefore, we will talk in this article about the most important basic factors that must be considered when measuring the success of marketing campaigns.

The main factors for measuring the performance of e-marketing campaigns:
Traffic in the online store:
To get an idea of the performance of your marketing campaign, it is necessary to measure the number of visits to your online store and the extent of its demand, and to obtain detailed information, including knowing the countries of your customers, the time they enter your store and the bounce rate, as the Google Analytics helps you to know that.
If you are rely on the paid advertising in your marketing of your products, you must pay attention to the issue of click-through rate (CTR), which gives important indicators of the content that can achieve the largest number of visitor clicks, and the number of visits should increase daily, and studying each of the amount that you will pay Per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ads.
Conversion rate of visitors to customers in the online store:
It is one of the most important basic factors for measuring the performance of electronic marketing campaigns, as it reflects the completion of the purchase process and the development of sales in your store.
Therefore, it is necessary to compare the sales that took place during the recent period with the previous periods, and the rate of converting visitors to customers which take many forms, such as subscribing to a mailing list, registering on the site, purchasing a product ... etc, as it cares about the users and their achievement of the desired goal or task, not just reading the content or browse the website in passing.
Expected return on investment:
It is one of the important factors for measuring the performance of electronic marketing campaigns, and this is done by comparing the cost of the potential customer to the percentage of converting potential customers to buying customers and comparing this number with your average customer value.
The customer acquisition cost (CAC) in the online store:
It refers to the material resources you need to be able to acquire a new customer to buy from your online store, and calculating the value of the customer helps to estimate how much profit that the owner of the online store must spend from his / her resources to obtain a specific customer.
Generally, it helps to determine the value of the customer for the store.
Knowing the percentage of interacting customers:
We can know the customers who made the purchase decision after touring in your store by dividing the number of customers who purchased the store’s products by the number of its visitors during a certain period of time, then multiplying the result by 100 to show the percentage of customers interacting with the store.
The main steps for building e-marketing campaigns:
  1. Defining goals: Before starting the campaign, the goals must be clearly defined, which may be increasing sales, brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, or other goals, in order to be achieved in the short term and the other is achieved in the long term as a strategic goal.
  2. Studying the target audience: The importance of identifying and studying the audience is no less important than setting goals. It is necessary to know the characteristics of the audience you will go to through your products, whether geographically, gender, social and economic level, country and nationality, in order to design the appropriate advertisements to achieve response required to purchase products.
  3. Marketing strategy: It is necessary to define the appropriate marketing strategies for your online store and the audience you want to reach through e-marketing activities, in order to help achieve the desired goals of the campaign.
  4. Defining the means and channels to apply the e-marketing campaign: It is necessary to choose and define of the e-marketing, especially in light of the presence of a large number of means and each method has its own characteristics and ability to persuade. The most important is the content marketing through blogging, posting advertisements on other websites, or hosting webinars, e-mail marketing, social media websites, creating videos, Google ads and more.
  5. Defining the time period: To apply any marketing strategy, you define a specific period of time to achieve its objectives. It is not possible to apply a marketing strategy without specifying the time frame for it, so that you can compare the campaigns and the goals they have achieved in each specific period of time, and thus you can reach accurate results for each campaign.
  6. Expected results: When all the previous steps of the e-marketing campaign are defined, it becomes easy to develop visualizations and results that the campaign can achieve based on the goals and means to apply the campaign, so that it is possible to compare the expected results with the results of the campaign, which enables to take the  decisions or build a new marketing strategy.
Met Descension:
We can consider the evaluating e-marketing campaigns and measuring their success is one of the most important steps for any marketing campaign for your online store, so owners` stores focus on the criteria of evaluating the success of marketing campaigns.



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