The most important mistakes of beginners in e-commerce

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The E-commerce has become of great importance for the owners of companies and commercial projects to expand their commercial activity in many markets through their online stores, but starting e-commerce is not easy, especially for inexperienced people (the beginners), as they may make some mistakes that will clearly affect the performance of their store and their business,
In this article, we will highlight the most important mistakes that people who are new in e-commerce.
The most important mistakes of beginners in the e-commerce:
Ignorance in the characteristics of the target audience and studying it:
When conducting marketing researches, they focus on studying and knowing the target audience of your online store and defining the characteristics of the people you want to go to through your products. Without it, it is not possible to define any product or service is best to offer, and the marketing campaign runs in a closed circle dominated by randomness and confusion.
Knowing the audience of your store will enable reducing expenses, careful planning and accurate prioritization.

Not studying competitors:
Visiting competitors’ websites is an easy way to know the audience and the nature of their purchasing preferences, and you will be able to identify their best-selling products, see customer opinions and evaluations about specific products, the way they interact with the offers and the marketing methods that they did not receive any interest.
Based on all of this, you can know the weaknesses of competitors and avoid them in your store to have a greater number of strengths and distinctions in order to attract more customers to and achieve an increase in the purchase process and sales development.
Lack of a marketing plan:
Before starting any business on the online store, a person must develop a clear and detailed marketing plan, and it is better that it be specific with dates and tasks that must be done and developed it after analyzing the market and studying customers, analyzing the business that he / she wants to practice on the store and defining the market`s capabilities and available opportunities, in addition to defining marketing goals and other basic matters, in order to evaluate his / her advertising campaigns professionally to measure the extent of those goals are achieved and the obstacles that he / she faced.
Lack of a content marketing plan:
One of the most common mistakes that e-store owners make when starting work is ignoring the existence of a content marketing plan, despite its importance in the process of convincing customers to purchase specific products by writing articles on the benefits of those products. This method includes a kind of continuity that ensures the maintaining the customer and converting him / her from a potential customer to a permanent customer.
The content marketing is an effective tool compared to other marketing methods, in addition to its clarity, it provides specific information that benefits the customer and creates psychological comfort towards the product or service and, and it does not require a large financial budget and the return from it is big amount when comparing the cost to the profit. 
Lack of accuracy in the financial accounts of the online store:
It requires the owners of online stores to be accurate in financial operations, because of its great importance in the marketing plan and monitoring the appropriate budget, so it is necessary to have accurate knowledge of the cost of sales, i.e. the direct costs of selling the products provided by the store, in addition to expenses and all accounts that include expenses related to running a business through the store, as you should also take into account the cost of paid advertising, content marketing, and others.
Focus on marketing products of the e-store, not on the store itself:
Many e-store owners focus on marketing the products and services provided by their store without thinking about the importance of transforming their store into a brand for customers and competing with other companies. Where the name of the store dominates its products, it is the strongest representative of the services that provides, as it is one of the elements of the marketing strategy to building and conveying the image of the online store to customers, reflecting the quality of the products it offers, and consolidating and strengthening the relationship with them, so the customer will find your store and adopt all your products faster and easier if the products are marketed instead of the store.
Therefore, the brand industry must be based on beginners in the field of e-commerce personally, as their way of dealing with customers, managing online stores, and providing their services with high quality enables them to gradually create their brand until it is firmly established in the minds of customers.
No Offers or Discounts:
Although it is an effective tool in the process of promoting your online store products, many owners are not interested in presenting offers in the early stages of launching their stores. You can offer free samples when purchasing specific products, or discounts on some services that encourage customers to interact with each of offers, and make them to take a real step towards the shopping cart, besides relying on distinctive images of the products with attractive designs that include the price of each product before and after the discount to push the customer to make the purchase. 
Not developing a plan to conduct competitions:
Store owners often lose sight of the ability of the social media of their stores to interact the customers, grow and increase sales by conducting a competition on one of their social platforms, which leads to the interact the followers and friends as well as to spread the products to other people whose did not follow your social platform which increases potential customers.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop an appropriate plan for conducting competitions that includes knowing the products that must be marketed, defining the goal to be achieved through these competitions, how to evaluate the winners, the mechanism for giving gifts and defining the budget for conducting these competitions.

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Starting with e-commerce is not easy, especially for inexperienced people (beginners), as they may make some mistakes that will clearly affect the performance of their store and their business.

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