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In the recent period, there have been many updates provided by search engines that interest the admins of websites and e-stores to be their websites on the first pages of search results. Therefore, it is focusing on the basics of SEO to choose the keywords carefully, in order to build content to be shown at the top in the search results.
In these websites there are free and paid tools are used to extract the keywords, and in this article, we will review the most important tools or websites to extract keywords.
The most popular tools to extract keywords:
Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool:
Google introduced the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool to help users to create Google ads to find the target market, as opening an account in Google Ads is completely free, and users are not obligated to purchase advertising space, and this free tool enables to the user to know the keywords that must be approved when writing content to be a rank in search engine results.
As for the mechanism of working the Google Ads Keyword Planner, it is based on creating an account in ( then clicking on Tools + Keywords Planner, where there are two sections, the first one is (Find new keywords), and the other is concerned with obtaining search volume and forecasts (Get search volume and forecasts). So, if you want to get new keywords for free, use the first option. 
Google Trends Tool:
Google Trends relies on strong seasonal activities, for example, clothes sell out before the festive season at the end of the year. Therefore, searching for them are increased during this period, as there is always a specific peak for keywords that you can use. This tool is one of the best ways to discover peaks, and it gives you an analytic result for a certain time of the year that based on displaying Google statistics for the words that searched in Google.
And Google Trends enables you to choose a specific country in the search process, as well as it allows to view the results of searches on the web, in news, images, or searches on YouTube.
Keyword Tool:
The Keyword Tool is easy to search for keywords via Google's automatic option suggestions that enables user to autocomplete on several websites including YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Apple Store, Instagram and Twitter.
The free version of the tool provides about 750 suggestions for each search, where you can set the Google website and its language to find translated results, and helps you to increase the number of visitors to your website or your online store by being able to see what users are searching for on Google and create articles on these ideas that attract the visitors, and you must focus on keywords consisting of two or three words, not only focus on the keywords that consisting of one word.
Soovle Tool:
The Soovle tool complements the work of the Keyword Tool in terms of the websites it supports, as this tool works with Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and For its mechanism of work, it is similar to the mechanism of working the Keyword Tool, and it is characterized as one of the free tools for all users.
Ubersuggest tool:
It is one of the most important tools to know the keywords for free, and it provides suggestions for keywords. The tool is divided into three sections: The Overview, The Keyword ideas and The Content Ideas.
The first section gives an overview of how many times that searched for keywords and the difficulty of competing for them, and finally the cost of click on the keyword.
The second section is the keyword ideas, it provides ideas for using the keyword, identifying the websites that used the word and topped the search results, the visitors number of this word and the ability to filter to get accurate results.
The third section provides ideas for writing content by subtracting titles of articles containing the keyword, giving an idea of the number of visits to these articles, and the difficulty of competition for them, in addition to other detailed information. 
Keywords Everywhere Tool:
Keywords Everywhere Tools is one of the important tools for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, it gives information on search volume for a particular word, the cost of click of CPC without the need for specialized platforms, and provides search suggestions and the best keywords to lead search engine results where it can be exported as a PDF or Excel file, as well as it provides competition data for many websites for keywords, located just below at the search boxes.
This tool supports obtaining historical data through Google search, analytics and indicators along with other specialized platforms such as UberSuggest, Soovle, YouTube, Amazon and others.
Tool of Answer the Public:
The tool identifies the way of searching by the users by displaying keyword suggestions for the word being searched for, and the tool also enables to specify the language of the results to be obtained, as well as this tool also generates a graph of long-tail keywords that are made up of several words, as it generates a graph of keywords related to questions asked by users on search engines and on the graph  to reach the word that include prepositions, and puts a list of keywords in alphabetical order.
Keyword Shitter Tool:
The tool is used to generate a list of suggestions for each keyword, it relies on the Google Autocomplete feature to generate keywords. Its mechanism is very simple as it is enough to enter the main keyword and it will start generating many suggestions related to your word.
Meta Description:
In order to build keyword-based content that tops of the search results, a number of free and paid tools are relied upon to extract those keywords.

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