The basic steps for gaining customers' trust in e-stores

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Customer trust is one of the most important things that companies, and e-store owners are keen to achieve and maintain. It is a basic criterion for measuring the success of your online store, by providing services and products that meet the customer’s needs and enhance his / her sense of comfort.
In light of the great competition among the online stores, the focus is not only on marketing policies, but rather work is being done to gain and retain customers’ trust, which helps to get customer loyalty and increases the company’s profits. But gaining customers’ trust in the online store requires many basic things that must be contained, and to distinguish it from your competitors. 
In this article we will talk about the most important steps to gain the trust of customers in your online store.
The basic steps for gaining customers' trust in e-stores:
Share customer reviews and ratings about their experience in the online store:
This step is done by providing comments on the products offered by your online store, and their satisfaction with the purchase experience, and helps to increase the conversion rate of your products, after creating a state of comfort and safety for other customers who read reviews and comments that shows the extent of your credibility in dealing with customers, which leads to increase customer confidence in your online store.
Establishing a clear policy for the online store:
This is done by making the payment and purchase process easy and secure at the same time, by informing customers and visitors of your store how to make the purchase, and making them sufficiently aware of the shipping cost from the beginning of the purchase process, the date of arrival of their products and the ability to track their products electronically, in addition to display the electronic payment methods to make them feel safe when entering their credit card`s information.
View SLL Seals for Security and Protection in the Online Store:
It is one of the most important requirements for advertising through Google Ads or Facebook as paid ads, and when creating your store, you must put the stamp either on a sidebar or at the top or bottom of the store, which helps you gain the trust of your customers in your online store.
Activating the SSL security protocol on your store provides security for customer data and protects online transactions, by maintaining the confidentiality of data as it travels through sites through encryption, in other words, customer data will be invisible to hackers, and this protocol is known as SSL - Secure Socket Layer.
Constant communication with online store`s customers:
Your online store should be in constant contact with customers and respond to all their inquiries and comments, which encourages them to buy your products. So it is necessary to display ways to communicate with you through instant chat, a phone number, e-mail address, and the ability to communicate through social media accounts.
Also, the contact information for your store is considered an evidence that your business is legal and you have a real phone number with the international code, a specific address in the country where you can add a map of your store’s location, and sometimes the e-mail addresses of employees, as this information contributes to form a relationship with customers and work to earn their trust.
Create a page for FAQ in the online store:
Creating a page for frequently asked question is essential for you as a business owner that provides comprehensive answers to new customers. It indicates the credibility of your store, and it also reduces the barriers built by new visitors to your store. So make sure to place it at the top of the store`s home page where it is easy for visitors to see immediately and do not let them are looking for.
Availability of social media platforms in the online store:
In order to stay in constant contact with customers and tell them about your new products and offers, you should use the social media accounts of your store, as it is an important tool in gaining customers’ trust, and to streng their relationship with your store by encourage them to make the purchase.
The customers’ comments and opinions about products and how they activate with your products are attracting new customers. In addition to the fact that the number of your followers on these sites gives a level of credibility to deal with your store, and your quick response to comments and responding to inquiries strengthens your relationship with your customers in a professional manner, So you must use all social media platforms to be able to reach a large number of customers.
Testing the online store before launching it:
Before launching your online store, you must test all the tools in it that they work well, as customers are hating broken tools and you may lose many of them for that reason. You should pay attention to how these tools are presented in an attractive and organized manner in the store, and make sure that your store is compatible with smart devices and tablets, and has the ability to display your store with all its features and tools on the screen of these devices, so that the customer does not find it difficult when making the purchase by using his smartphone. All of these things are considered essential that affect the customer evaluation of your store.
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Gaining customers’ trust in your online store requires many basic things that must be included, so we will review in the article the most important steps to gain customers’ trust in your online store.

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