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If you are a specialist in the field of marketing and its strategies, or you have an interest in marketing methods, you must have touched on the so-called creative marketing or Guerrilla Marketing, which some companies adopt to market their products in an innovative and unconventional way through an advertisement within an advertising campaign that they have planned.
In this article you will learn in details what the Creative Marketing or Guerrilla Marketing. 
Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy:
Guerrilla Marketing is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service and it is relatively inexpensive and focuses more on reach rather than frequency. The advertisement is either graffiti, posters, street marketing or flash mob.
The term was popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson's 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing and it achieved high sales, with more than 21 million copies sold so far. and the term was inspired by guerrilla warfare or irregular warfare that relied on unconventional fighting strategies from a group of armed gangs that used the surprise and attack with unconventional plans to achieve the strategic goal in a prevailing marketing environment Intense competition.
Creative Goal of The Guerrilla Marketing:
The creative marketing strategy or Gorilla Marketing relies on unusual innovative methods and the element of surprise in its advertising campaigns.
This type of marketing is based on creative imagination more than it depends on the marketing budget, so the advertising campaigns of Gorilla Marketing are interactive and target customers in places that are not easy to expect.
The aim of this type of marketing is to create advertising hype with customers to achieve the effect on them with the product and not just selling, where it focus is on retaining the customers more than on acquiring new customers, according to Levinson, “I can describe the spirit of Guerilla Marketing as achieving familiar goals such as profit and enjoyment through unconventional methods such as using physical energy instead of money.”
Types of companies which using Guerrilla Marketing:
The small businesses resort to using Guerrilla Marketing to reach a large audience, to market their brands in distinct ways and to compete with other companies with low financial costs. As for large companies, they relied on Guerrilla Marketing campaigns to make their ads more exciting. 
But sometimes Guerrilla Marketing's campaigns can have a negative impact against big companies. In 2007, Turner Broadcast used creative marketing in ads that only light up at night in a way that made Bostonians think they were ticking bombs, but it causing huge chaos in the city and the company caused significant financial losses, while small businesses will not face such risks, as customers will consider them as mere failed advertisements that they will not pay much attention to.
Basic principles of Guerrilla Marketing:
There are several basic principles set by J. Konrad Levinson for marketing through Guerrilla Marketing, which are:
  • Creative Marketing serves small businesses and companies.
  • Advertising should rely more on psychology than on experience.
  • Gains are the measure of success, not sales.
  • The marketer pay attention to the number of new relationships that he / she acquires every month.
  • Setting a quality standard and focusing on a product instead of distracting effort and attention.
  • Focusing attention on existing customers and dealing with them instead of focusing on gaining new customers.
  • Coordination with other businesses rather than competing with them without benefit.
  • Incorporating innovative marketing methods into the same campaign.
  • Focusing on individuals and small groups.
  • Gaining the trust of the customer rather than selling him / her.
  • Commitment to the campaign and effective marketing methods in each campaign.
Examples of Guerrilla Marketing:
Ford advertising campaign 
Superman movie trailer
Advertisement for Ariel washing powder
Advertisement for Niva Skincare Company represented by a couch
Advertisement for opening a gym
Meta Description:
Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy in marketing that focuses on implementing very creative marketing methods with a low cost at the same time.

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