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E-marketing is the process of marketing various services and products over the Internet, in order to deliver them to different groups of people. So many companies are using the e-marketing to market their activities online and express their message. The importance of e-marketing in marketing operations comes from the fact that the Internet is an effective way to determine the market to be targeted, as well as it is a useful tool to study the requirements and needs of the marketing sector. 
In this article, we will highlight the reasons why many persons and start-ups and medium-sized companies rely on an e-marketing company to achieve their marketing goals.
The e-marketing company can reach a larger number of customers in many countries:
E-marketing does not depend on a specific place or country, so a purchase transaction can be completed between a customer in a country and a company of another country, which traditional marketing cannot achieve.
E-marketing depends on content marketing, social media, e-mail marketing, and improving the content of the website to reach a large number of customers by opening new markets for companies with the aim of promoting their products and services and making them easy for the consumer.
The e-marketing company defines the target audience accurately:
One of the most important features of e-marketing is identifying segments of people and classifying them within many groups which facilitates the process of targeting them through advertising by knowing the characteristics of those groups.
The target group of the paid e-marketing campaign can be determined in terms of age, gender, social status and geographic location so that the advertisement achieves the desired goal, and this is what traditional advertising cannot achieve.
E-marketing company provides clear performance analytics:
In measuring its performance, the e-marketing company relies on indicators provided through detailed and clear analytics, which are:
  • Number of unique visitors depending on the strength of your marketing channels. So increasing the number of visitors may directly lead to increase in conversions (purchases).
  • Duration of stay on the website: The number of minutes that visitors spend on the website indicates how relevant it is to the user and whether the content is interesting.
  • The bounce rate shows the percent of visitors who left your website after entering it. If the rate is high, this indicates that the content of your website is not suitable for visitors and does not provide useful information.
  • CPC: Pay-per-click is a type of paid advertising where you pay for each click on your ad.
  • Click rate: To record the number of times your ad was clicked against the number of times your ad was viewed, thus helping you analyze how well your ad is.
  • Interaction from social media`s visitors: You need to know some performance indicators, and one of the best tools is KISSmetrics, which tracking the customer’s journey from the moment he / she enters the website through social media, and tracking the number of buyers you got from your social media posts, not the number of likes Or just posts.
E-marketing company achieves a good return on investment:
The return on investment in e-marketing exceeds the expected, where you can reach thousands of customers through social media and e-mail, the people whose using the broadcast engines in searching and various blogs that influence people's opinions, which increases competition between different companies.
The digital marketing company works not only to achieve the best return on investment but also to raise awareness about the brand and to improve the performance of customer services.
The e-marketing company operates at the lowest financial cost:
It enables the e-marketing company to save money when preparing advertisements and campaigns for products and services, as well as it provides a lot of effort to reach customers and the target audience in order to achieve their interest and satisfaction with what is offered to them. 
This is the difference between traditional and electronic marketing, where e-marketing can conduct successful campaigns and advertisement with a small budget, achieving the goal of increasing sales because it relies on modern means to reach customers. 
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Therefore, many companies resort to e-marketing to market their activities online and express their message, and the importance of e-marketing comes in the marketing operations.

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