How to design your strong brand identity

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The design of the brand identity is the main and most important criterion when starting a marketing strategy for any commercial company that wants to compete with its counterparts from other companies, and to reflects it brand, company values and vision. The design of the commercial identity is the main tool for building the company image and reputation. In this article we will talk how to design a strong brand identity.

What is the brand identity and the difference between it and the brand?
The brand identity or the so-called identity is the visual aspects that are part of the brand and form a certain image for users. Many of us think that the brand identity is just a trademark, while the brand is the impression or concept that the company tries to reflect and consolidate with its external audience by customers through their own brand identity. The brand identity is a major component of the brand of a company.
The design of the brand identity depends on the visual components used within the company, and it includes the regulatory guides that oversee the design of the business identity through a variety of means, based on colors, fonts and specific measurements, as these guides ensure the maintenance of a coherent business identity and easy to reach for customers through its products. 
Know your brand identity:
Before you start creating your brand identity, you must first define some of the main points of your company, which are:
  • Your company's message.
  • Characteristics and characteristics of your company.
  • The attributes you want in your company.
  • Who are your target group?
  • What are your company's goals?
Components of a brand identity:
The brand identity consists of several tools, the first one is the logo, which is a symbol or sign indicating the brand and reflecting the company's business activity. 
  • Stationery that includes letterheads, business cards and envelopes.
  • Marketing supplements, including flyers, brochures, and website books.
  • Designing clothes that employees can wear while they are at work.
  • Packaging products placed on the company's products.
  • Various banners designed inside or outside the company, messages, applications, etc.
Logo types:
The brand identity of any company includes one type of logo that expresses the company’s brand, values and missions. The types of logo are:
Symbolic or Iconic Logo:
It is a symbol that expresses the company’s commercial activity without containing writing, letters or written texts, and it is considered one of the most difficult types of logo, as this type of logo requires the company to carry out a large advertising campaign so that customers can identify and understand the logo well in order to remember the name of the company once you see the logo, so it is a good option to use a simple icon as the logo.
Word Mark or Typeface:
The logo contains the name only without graphics or symbols. When design any logo, it creates a unique line that shows the name of the company and the brand to be used in the marketing aspects of the company, in order to be easy to distinguish among the commercial companies.
Letter Mark:
It is distinguished from the Word Mark by using the main letters of the company name and displaying it in a typography. The designer resorts to this type of logo when the company`s name is long or difficult to pronounce.
Combination Mark:
This type includes icon and word mark, in order to give flexibility to use one or both. It is considered as a good design nature, as 56% of commercial companies resort to designing their own logo based on this type.
Each color will have an impact on your commercial identity, as it carries a specific meaning different from other colors, and the degrees and gradations of color will give a direct impact on your identity, so it is necessary to use a design specialist to choose the colors that reflect the values and vision of the company when designing your identity commercial.
Create your own Tagline or Slogan for your brand identity:
The tagline or the slogan is an introductory phrase to link the brand’s values to a specific audience. So to be a successful it must have several necessary qualities, it should be brief, easy to remember, easy to read, different to distinguishe your brand identity from all competitors, can be preserving its copy rights, not including negative words or meanings in the society in which the company will operate, and easy to write in small fonts.
Meta Description:
Identity is the visual aspects that are part of the brand and form a certain image for the users.

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