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The developments of the Internet and its domains have imposed themselves strongly on business, as many customers may not know your products and services of your company, which may benefit them unless you break into the digital world and enhance your electronic presence on the Internet, so that your customers can communicate with you directly through a clear and specific e-mail address or website to be a link with the world of e-commerce, and therefore you must know the correct and effective ways of your presence on the Internet.
Show your business on a private website:
To enhance the presence of your business on the Internet, it is necessary to create a website, which includes a number of web pages containing your business images, videos and files that enhance your brand, as it is the electronic window for small and medium-sized companies to reach a large number of new customers, by increasing the visibility of the site via the results of search engines. This depends on understanding their algorithms, adhering to their guidelines, and producing high-quality content.
And your presence on the Internet can be as an electronic store to shop for your services without having much technical experience. It is a qualitative electronic step for your company or business, where your customers in any country can view your products, and provide them an electronic payment methods and shipping the products, which led to increase the sales through offers and discounts, and facilitate direct communication with customers or target audience. 
Presence of your business on social media:
It is not enough for companies to be present on the Internet through websites and stores. Rather, their website, if available, should be linked to social media because they are virtual communities that contain large numbers of users, so companies must have a presence on these platforms to reach their target audience by creating accounts titled the name of the company, you are able to share the content of the website and the company's products on those websites in a way that attracts the interest of customers and correcting the inaccuracies that may be attached to the services.
You can also develop your business through Facebook and Twitter ads and others, in order to achieve the profitability goals of the company and the spread of products to the users of those websites with small amounts of money.
At the present time, the social media are considering a marketing tool for business, but some of them will be more effective than others, so it is necessary to choose the website that suits the nature of your business. For example, if you are working in the field of photography, Instagram is the best platform that helps you to promote your business and spread your activity. But If your activity is in the field of training and academic qualification, then LinkedIn is the most appropriate place to communicate with company managers and businessmen.
Presence of your business on e-mail: 
For many, e-mail marketing and sending out newsletters to users is an effective tool for reaching and getting new customers, reminding your customers of your products, it allows you to promote your services and business, increase your contacts and circle of customers and provide them with new information and offers. To reach the e-mails to the customer’s inbox directly you should use professional e-mails of your company or your website instead of using free mail such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail when sending group messages. 
The e-mail marketing enables you to divide customers by interests, demographics and behavioral character of the target person, and to prepare content that is more relevant to their expectations, deliver e-mails with high quality content, increase their potential to convert them into brand representative, and obtain the honest and upfront feedbacks that will be the basis for your next strategies. 
How to create a mailing list:
If you have a website, you must put the subscription form in the mailing list in a clear place and motivate visitors and browsers to subscribe to your mailing list. If you buy visitors from paid external sources, you must design a Landing Page, which is an intermediate page between the direct visitor source and the advertiser’s page. 
And you must have a convincing justification for the visitor to subscribe to your mailing list, such as obtaining a certain discount, or making subscription to the mailing list necessary to reach the advertiser's page.
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To enhance the presence of your business on the Internet, it is necessary to create a website that includes number of web pages containing your business that enhances your brand.

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