Reasons for abandoning customers the shopping cart in e-stores and how to address them

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Owners of e-stores are developing a marketing strategy that aims to attract customers to browse the products and services offered by their stores and build a strong relationship with them, in order to re-visit the store until they purchase some products. Therefore, these marketing plans attach great importance to the shopping cart and provide all facilities to work well, as the shopping cart plays a pivotal role in e-commerce, and may be it is the main cause of concern that shop owners feel when the customers abandoning their e-stores. This is due to many reasons that must be clarify and know how to address them, and this is what we focus on in the next article.

What`s the term of abandoning customers the shopping cart in e-stores?
At the outset, it is necessary to know the meaning of abandoning the shopping cart, which has a pivotal role in the payment processes that covers everything related to accepting payment from customers, managing shipping data, distributing information to the seller, performing payment transactions and others. So it means that a customer entered the online store to buy a product or several products, but before he / she finished the purchase and payment procedures, he / she closed the page and left the online store without completing the purchase for any reason.
The real problem of the online store is repeating abandon of the shopping cart, because it leads to a loss of profits that were supposed to be achieved. This problem is considered one of the most obstacles that worry the owners of e-stores and make them confused about the way of dealing with this problem. 
Some owners of e-stores believe that the design of the online store has an important role to make the customer leave or continue with the purchase process, and tracking the abandonment rate of shopping carts in a specific store is helping them to know the problems, but this requires from the owners of e-stores to conduct a detailed study of all pages and procedures of the purchase process to reduce the phenomenon of abandoning the shopping cart.
In order to facilitate the solution of this problem, it is necessary to highlight the most important reasons for the abandonment the shopping cart, and to know the solutions that limit this haunting phenomenon.
Reasons for abandoning the shopping cart in e-stores?
There are many reasons which are essential in the view of customers to abandon the shopping cart despite their desire to pay the products, but these reasons were sufficient to make the decision to abandon and not return again to complete it, the most important of which are:

High costs of shipping fees and taxes of products:
It is one of the main reasons that make the customer to abandon the shopping cart. When the customers realize the amount of shipping fees and high taxes that are added to the price of the product, make them feel cheated in the purchase process for not stating the costs in detail of the product price and shipping expenses, so they retreat from the purchase process and leave the shopping cart. It is better to put the product price including shipping costs to be aware of all costs, or to be the shipping free and this method will encourage customers to complete the purchase.
Force the user to register and create an account before completing the payment:
Certainly, collecting customer`s details is very important for your online store and for marketing process as a whole, but it should be taken into account that some customers do not have enough time to register in the store and create an account before completing the purchase. This process may cause boredom for many customers due to the long period when entering the data which make customer feel in boredom and abandon of the shopping cart, and some other customers do not want to share a lot of their information on the e-stores, so the owner of e-stores can make this process as brief as possible, and just writing an e-mail, name, address and card number to complete the process.

Electronic payment options are Limited:
Owners of e-stores must provide several methods of electronic payment to allow customers to choose the appropriate method for them when paying. This does not mean that the store must provide all payment methods to satisfy customers, but it must provide several options that satisfy customers and enable them to pay electronically on the Internet. The multiplicity of electronic payment options reduces the percentage of shopping cart abandonment by 8%, and your mobile applications must be good when using.
Failure to show trust and security seals:
Your online store may provide all security standards on the purchase page, but if you do not show these standards in the right place, many of your customers will change their minds and refuse to complete the purchase process, so you must show your store that it is certified by an SSL certificate and put the approved payment icons in their right place so that all customers can see them clearly.
Customers should be reassured that your online store is approved and trusted when filling in their personal data and providing their credit information, and this gives a great push to complete the purchase process not to abandon the shopping cart, as these seals and icons are enhancing customer confidence in the store, which increases the average order value.
Lack of sufficient information and details about the products:
Many customers are search for the specifications and details of a product to verify the information before buying the products, and some customers compare the products offered by online stores, and when they do not find what satisfies their desire from that information, they abandoning the shopping cart, as the customers cannot buying any product if there no information and advantages of the product. Here lies the importance of providing professionally worded information and presenting it in an attractive manner.
Adopt a policy of not returning or exchanging sold products:
Perhaps one of the most important things that gives reassurance to customer is laws that help them if there was an error making them ask for a refun the product they have purchased or replace it with another one. The return and exchange policy are an important motivator adopted by many e-stores to increase customer confidence in the store. 
If this policy is not available, the customers would not buy any product, and they will search for other stores that offer the possibility of exchange and return.
In addition to the previous tips, it necessary to use e-mail when the customer abandons his / her shopping cart because it is the most personalized tool for the customer. The e-mail reminds them of their pending shopping cart and their ability to complete procedures to purchase the product, and e-mail that sent to customers can include some offers that may interest them to complete the purchase. 

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The shopping cart plays a pivotal role in e-commerce and it may be the main cause of concern that store owners feel when customers abandon their shopping cart in their stores.

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