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Last February, Apple launched the electronic payment service for all purchases and services for its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Apple Pay application, where the users of smart phones (IOS) can add cards compatible with the Apple Payment service, in order to facilitate the payment process while maintaining privacy and security. 
In the article we will talk about the e-payment provided by Apple to its users in the Kingdom.

Apple Pay app:

Apple Pay app provides an electronic payment service for the users of smart phone (Apple), which operates according to the (IOS) system. Those users can now shop by online and from traditional markets as well and buy the products and goods without using the credit cards when making the payment which done quickly and safety.
The electronic payment service operates via Apple Pay in a number of countries in the world, but in the Arab world it is recently available in two countries, the first one is Saudi Arabia.

Features of the Apple Pay online payment service in Saudi Arabia:

Apple Pay provides several advantages when used in the Saudi Arabia, the most important thing that the user can pay for purchases without using money. This service is compatible with Apple devices, as the user can complete the purchase operation both at points of sale and on the web.
Therefore, it is an easy-to-use method of purchase cards or credit cards, and more secure as it does not store the customer card number at all on his / her own device or on Apple servers, and does not share customer card numbers with merchants when using the application in payments, as well as the Apple Pay uses a private number for each device and unique code for the purchase.
Paying with Apple Pay dose not need to create an account or fill out lengthy online purchase and payment forms, especially with Touch ID on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that enables you to pay with one touch.
You can use Apple Pay in various places in the Saudi Arabia through all kinds of applications and on participating websites through Safari on Mac, iPhone or iPad. Apple Pay works with major credit and debit cards of many national banks, and you can add more than one purchase card or credit card to a wallet or the Apple Pay app to be used for payment.

How the Apple Pay app works in Saudi Arabia:

The Apple Pay mechanism relies on making an application based on the ease and simplicity of making the steps. Apple customers in Saudi Arabia can benefit from the e-payment service by linking your purchase cards and credit cards to the application, then using the phone to pay at various retail point machines, whether through traditional stores or via online marketing, without paying additional costs when paying.

Activate the Apple Pay app in Saudi Arabia:

To activate the Apple Pay application on your mobile phone operates (IOS) system to be able to pay electronically for your purchases, you must copy the credit card and integrate it with the application or by entering the card data manually. 
This is done through several steps, the first one, is to open the Wallet service or application on your smartphone, click on Plus (+), then scan the purchase cards or its credit cards until they are registered on the application, and after scanning your credit card or manual entering it, follow your bank's instructions until the service is activated and the card is linked to the application.
After following the bank’s instructions and completing all the correct procedures, your credit card will be accepted and linked to the Apple Pay application. Then you can pay in all traditional and electronic retail stores through your mobile phone quickly and easily. 

Cards and banks supported by Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia:

The Apple Pay application of e-payment supports major credit and debit cards of a number of national banks in Saudi Arabia, led by Master Card, al-Rajhi Bank, Riyad Bank, Mada, al-Jazira Bank, al-Inma Bank and others.

Stores and applications equipped with Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia:

Electronic payment services are available through the Apple Pay application in many restaurants, shops, hotels, and many applications and websites throughout Saudi Arabia.

Meta Description:
Last February, Apple launched the electronic payment service for all purchases and services for its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Apple Pay application.

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