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The Page of e-mail templates includes many predefined templates within the store where you can modify or cancel any predefined tempalte. A new template can also be added by clicking on the (Add) button at the top of  the page.

The page of adding template includes the main option needed to activate and control the templates to be sent within the e-mail to customer, as it includes the follwoing:
Template type: To select the type of template to be defined.
Defaulte Template: To select the default template to appear within this type, where the template that has been selected appears in the window below, and the user can modify the template according to the type to be defined. 
Template Name: To select the name of the template to be defined.
E-mail BCC: To select the e-mail to send a copy of this type.
Sort order: To select the order of displaying the template to be defined.
Status: To select the status of the defined template (Active / Inactive).

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