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This window includes the feature of activating the maintenance mode, which allows the store owner to display a message to vistors that the store is under maintenance, while displaying the messagem no visitor can view any of the products or make new orders on the site.
This helps the sotre owner to temporarily disable the online store without affecting the data, so that he / she can perform any operation that he / she wants on the site such as generating backup copies, transferring specific products, reviewing and updating inventory, or even if he / she wants to stop the online store for a certian period and dose not receive any orders.
This window includes the following:
Activate the maintenance mode: Click the (Activation) button to activate the maintenance mode to be defined on the online store.
Maintenance Address: To select the address of the maintenance to be defined on the online store.
Maintenance Message: To select the maintenance message to be shown to site`s visitor.
The maintenance status within the online store for customers appears as follows:

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