The Page of FAQ enable the user toadd the questions that he / she may inquire about of the qusetions to be clarified and the most requested by cutomers.
To add a new question, you must click on the (New Question) button, as a window will open to enable the user to add the question.
The Window of New Question includes the following:
Quwstion: To select the question you want to know its answer.
Answer: To select the answer of a question that has been entred.
Order: To select the order of displaying the question and it answer to be appeared in the online store.
Status: To select from the drop-down list the status of the question (enabled to appear in the store / deactivated to hids the question from appearing in the store).
Save: To save the data that entered within the window.
Cancel: To delete the question that entered within the window.

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