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The brand is a magent that attracts customers, as more as the well-known and famous the brand, the greater the demand for its products by customers. The stores of VertexCart platform allow adding unlimited number of brands quite easily, where the store manager or the user can control the brands that she / he wants to add or delete.

This list includes the brnads of the products that have been added in the store, and it can display these brands either in ascending or descending way by clicking on the word (Sort order).
On other hand, the name of the feature can be modified by clicking the (Modify) buttonand re-modifying the brand name, description and the sort order to appear the brand, in addition to modifying its status.
It`s als can use the search field to search for specific brand, and the buttons at the top are used to add and delete any defined brand. This page can also be reactivated by clicking the (Reactivatio) button. As well as you can review a certian number of items that are bottom of the page by clicking on the number of items on each page and moving among pages through the arrows.
Brand data is controlled by: 
Name: To add the name of the brand to be defined.
Description: To add a description of the brand to be defined.
Search filed: To add the search engine that can identify the brand to be defined. 
Image: To add the image of brand to be appeared.
Sort order: To add the arrange to display the feature.

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