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The list of users group displays all user groups that are defined in the online store to control the premissions that will be given to user to add or modify the data of store.

The list of users group includes the name of groups that can be arranged by clicking the (Arrow) button, and the data of any group can be modified through the (Modify) button.  
The button at the top are used to add and delete user`s group, and this page can also be reactivated by clicking the (Reactivation) button. As well as you can review a certian number of items that are selected at the bottom of the page by clicking on the number of items on each page and moving among pages through the arrows.
Adding a users group:
The page of adding the user group includes:
Group name: To select the name of the group to be added in the store.
Adminstration: When this option is activated, all users belonging to this group will have all the premission on the store, and when it`s not activated, the special permissions of the users of this group can be chosen.
After adding or modifying the page, you must click the (Save) button to save the edits that have been added or click the (Back) button to return to the previous list.

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