The List of Currencies display all the currencies that have been defined in the online store in the different languages whcih defined, and the list includes many options to help enter the currencies that the user want to trade in the store.
The List of Currencies includes the currency symbol, its name and its parity, and the order of their appearcnce on the list can be conrolled in ascending or descending way by clicking the (Order) button. As for the operation button, any currency can be modified through its data.
The buttons at the top are used to add and delete the currencies, and this page can also be reactivated by clicking the (Reactivatio) button. As well as you can review a certian number of items that are selected at the bottom of the page by clicking on the number of items in each page and moving among pages through the arrows.
Adding a Currency:

Click the (Add Currency) button to appear the following window: 
Name: To select the name of currency to be added.
Cyrrency Part Name: To select the name of the currency part, which the smallest know value of the currency to be defined.
Internaltional Currency symbol: To select the international currency symbol.
Value of currency part: To select the value of the currency part.
Symbol shape: To select the shape of the currency to be defined which will appear within the store.
Sort order: To select the arrange to appear the currency within the store.
Number after comma: To select the numbers that will appear after the comma.
Status: To select the status of the currency to be defined, active or inacitve.
Parity: To select the parity of the currency to be defined in relation to the default currency.
Equivalent: To select the value of the equivalent.
After adding or modifying the page, you must click the (Save) button to save the edits that have been added or click the (Back) button to return to the previous list.

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