Total Orders Report

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The Repot of Product Movement within the online store is used to help the store owner to trrack the orders made within the current day, week, month and year. The report display the total value of orders made within these periods according to th edifferent statuses of orders that entered within the online sotre.
The total orders report includes the following options: 
Order status: To select the order status from the drop-down list to show the movement of total orders (If you do not select an order status, all the status added within the orders status in this year will appear).
After selecting the status of the order, the store owner can click on the button at the top of the report, which includes the following:
Rest button: To reselect the status of the order to show the report.
Update button: After selecting the filter to show th ereport, you should click the (Update) button to display the new data.
Print button: To print the report.
Export button: Click th e(Export) button to appear the follwoing window:
The store owner can select the export format to display the report (Export pdf - Export xls).
Report data:
Number: The line number of the order appears automatically in this field.
Product: To show the order status that has been selected within the filter in the order status field (If you do not selected a certian status, all the defined status of this year will appear).
To today: To show th enumber of orders made during this day.
This week: To show th enumber of orders made during this week.
This month:To show th enumber of orders made during this month.
This year: To show th enumber of orders made during this year.
All the time: To show the total number of orders made at different time.
Total: To show th evalue of orders by day, week, month and year according to th edefault currency that was selected by the store owner.

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