The Page of footer within th design helps the store owner to control the list to be displayed within the online store footer.

The store owner control in the display or hid the lists by activating the (Display) button for each defined list, as for adding a new list in the footer, you must click the (New list) button at the top of the page to show the window dedicated to add the new list.
The online store allows to the user to display three lists within the footer as maximum. If there are active lists and the store owner wants to add a new list within th footer by clicking the (Add new list) button, the following message will appear:
If the number of active lists does not exceed three, a page will appear that enables his / her to add a new list and includes the following:
The Page of Adding a New List includes:
List title: To select the name of the list to be added within the footer.
List type: To select the type of list to be added (Main category - Selected products).
Search butto: To select the products to be displayed within th defined list if its type is selected as Selected products, but if the list type is selected as a mian category, all categories that are under the defined main category will be selected.
After defining the list to be displayed within the footerm click the (Save) button to save the defined list data or click the (Close) button to undo the addition process.
The list must be defined in both langauges, Arabic and English to be added.
When add a new list, it appears in the footer by default as enabled.

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