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The List of Content includes the products grid page which includes several product grids that habe been added by the store woner, which includes the product grids that have been added by the store owner that includes the following:

To add a new product grid, you must click on the (Add Grid) button.
The product grid includes
Products: To select a title for the products grid.
Products: To select the products that will appear in the products grid.
Top product sales: Activate this option to search automaticlally in the store for the top products sales and add them automaticlly within the defiend gird.
Add an Ad: The store owner can add more than one Ad to the defined grid.
Sort order: To select the arrange number of the defined grid.
After adding or modifying the page, you must click the (Save) button to save the edits that have been added or click the (Back) button to return to the previous list.

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