Customer Approval

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The customer approval pare display all customers who have created accoutns on the online store and their classification within the customer groups has not been confirmaed after actovating the option customers in this group need to be approved when adding the customer group.

The customer approval page includes:
Confirm the customer: Click the confirmation button to confirm joining an customer in the defined group that will be confirmed.
Unconfirmation: Click the unconfirm button to reject joining customer in a group.
Modify: The store owner can modify the customer`s data at any time.
The filter is used to seach for a confirmation requested for a specific customer through his / her name, e-mail and the customer group which he / she belongs. Within this page, a certian number of items can be showen at the bottom of the page by clicking on the number of items on each page amd moving among pages via arrows. 

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