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The list of Customers includes all the options that enable the user of the program tp manage the customers who have created accounts in the online store. It includes the customer`s name and email, the customer group, the status, the addition date and the process.

The List of Customers is used to make the follwing process:
The modification to customers was previously added by clicking the (Modify) button, where the page contaianing the customer`s information will be opened.
Change the password by clicking the (Reset) icon in order to send an emial to the customer with thenew password. 
The button at the top are used to add a new customers of delet a certian customer, and this page can also be reactivated by pressing the (Reactivation) button. As well as you review a certian number of items that are selected at the bottom of the page by pressing on the number of items on each page and moving among pages through the arrows.
Filtering is used to search for a spcific customer by her / his name, emial, the group of vistors that she / he belongs to, and her / his status.
Adding a new customers:
Thso page includes:
It is divivded into two pages, the first is General and the second is Address.
The General page includes the following data:
Name: To add the name of the customer.
Customer name: To select the last name of the customer.
Newsletter: To select the customer`s e-mail in this field.
Status: To select the status.
Phone: To select the phone number of the customer.

The Address page includes the following data:
Company: To select the name of company.
ZIP Code: To select the first address of the customer.
Country: To select the name of the country of the customer.
Second address: To select the second address of the customer.
Region: To select the name of the region.
City: To select the name of the city.

The affiliates page includes the follwing data:
Company: To select the name of company.
Bank Name: To select the name of the bank which the suctomer deals.
Online Store: To select the name of the customer`s online store.
Banch No. & Name: To select the bransh  number and name of the customer`s online store.
Tracking Code: To select the tracking code of the customer.
SWIFT Code: To select the SWIFT code.
Account name: To select the account name of the customer.
Account No.: To select the customer`s account number. 
Affiliates details:To select from the drop - down list payment method that will be approved.
PayPal E-mail: To select teh e-mail of the customer which will be communicated with.
Sataus: To select from the drop - down list the status of the customer (Accept - Denied).
After completing the entry of all the customer`s information, click th e(Save) button to save the entred data, or click the (Back) button to undo the customer identifuction process is completed.

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