How to open an account with Iyzico

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How to open an account with Iyzico:

1- Go to the website:

2- Press on Business, then on Register Now:

3- In the next page press on Kurumsal Hesap Oluştur:



4- Fill the text boxes with your info and then press on Create Business Account:




*The password should be 6 numbers.


5- Then, they will send you an activation email to the email you entered before, and you will see this page, press on Okay:


6- Check your email and find the email that sent from Iyzico, and then press on E-posta Adresini Doğrula:
7- When you press on the previous button, it will open a web page for you to login to the website
with your email and the password
8- They will send you a verification code to your phone number that you entered previously:
9- Now, you need to upload you personal and company data, to start press on Start Now:
10- Select you company type, what you do in your website, and Payment method:
11- Select Custom Software and enter your store website:
12- Enter your information:
13- Press on Continue to upload your documents:
14- After uploading your documents, press on complete application:
15- Now you finished, they will send you an email after checking your information and documents:



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